'Le Grand Canal' by Christiane Conésa-Bostock | States of Poetry Tasmania - Series Two

Claude Monet, 1908

Monsieur Monet has a new lover.
She calls at two every afternoon
and invites him to stay a few hours.
Worshipped by Whistler, Boudin and Signac
Santa Maria della Salute is not like the others.

From the steps of the Palazzo Barbaro
wrapped in a bestowed fur coat
he impregnates the domes of his mistress
with a nacreous afterglow. He washes her feet
with glistening tufts of pink, blue and gold.

At dusk, when he is spent
he takes his wife Alice in a gondola
to the famous Piazza San Marco
where they may be photographed
with a kit of pigeons.

Christiane Conésa-Bostock