'Super Maria Brothers' by Cath Kenneally | States of Poetry SA - Series Two

the priests and the witchdoctors both
will bless your new vehicle; the Virgin
will keep you in mind if you fashion a model
of what you want, attach it to the front of the car

                                                                     a second storey on your house
                                                                        a house pure and simple
                                                                          a swinging baby doll
                                                                        attached to your grille

‘The Virgin won’t give them anything’
shrugs Father Abraham: it’ll be hard work
gets the second storey or the first
good luck or bad that delivers or
                 witholds babies

                                                                 The medicine men pooh-pooh the minimal
                                                                 offices of the Friars - they themselves offer
                                                        in addition to the basic plan, prayers to the earth gods
                                                                                 thrilling rituals and holy smoke

the camera pans round a wall of wax engravings
for the attention of the Virgin of Copacabana

                  here, our gurus advise visualising
                  what we desire:
                                                                 a private welter of wants

                                                                                 I like the Bolivian way
                                                                     heart on your sleeve, swinging dice
                                                                           buffeting the rearvision mirror
                                                                   a decade of the rosary, a burnt offering
                                                                              hey! down here! we’ll take anything!
                                                                                          a shout-out to whoever’s online