'Things I Know to be True' by Dominic Symes | States of Poetry SA - Series Two

Eating a burrito in the Festival Theatre foyer    hair in a half-up half-down
Watching umbrellas & people blow through the door     looking for E and her mother
Are they wearing furs? Where are they? E loves the theatre    doesn’t come late
Two girls walk past in Year 12 jumpers & I never went to my five-year reunion
Hung up these portraits on the wall have no names on them       are we supposed to care?
The play is Things I Know to be True & someone has a ticket for me    I assume
To say thank-you I order three glasses of Sauvignon Blanc but forget to get one for myself
From the balcony   I oversee a roomful of chairs inflate into a room full of eyes
Gin says that she just finished The Beginning of Spring     translated from the Russian
Viv says the stage lighting is supposed to be fantastic & I want to agree    but hesitate
Til never had any formal training as an actress    but her father is the lighting designer
P points out that her last name is hyphenated in the program     nonetheless
                I cry in Til’s monologue & E passes me her glasses    because she knows
                I struggle in low-light    looking far away into the distance