'Stock Market' by David Stavanger | States of Poetry QLD - Series Two

            bipolar record lows
            insecurities exchanged
new rashes trending daily
each doctor a new violence
            a meteor gets closer to your face
            it misses and hits your face anyway
it’s hard to match choice of dog
to the make of car you’re called to chase
            lightness of spirit in heavy hands
            carry a briefcase full of uppers
this latest crash has people talking
reports of a rise in self-flagellation
            if you could talk to the board
            you would tell them not to sell right now
the best groomed of us
can sweet talk our way out of any pill
            the graph seems to indicate
            that the voices we hear are our own
companies are becoming more sensitive
to the profit margins of lost sleep
            free-floating liquid options
            publically traded, nil by mouth
the highest point in the building
is the time to open up to pigeons
            but the shares get us nowhere
            write that down on a pink note pad
another script without a lead
(don’t buy into things you can’t see)
            look around

you notice they have put up a fence
on one side of the Story Bridge
perhaps when we think of jumping
                                                                                  we plan on flying

David Stavanger