'Main Street Social' by Liam Ferney | States of Poetry QLD - Series Two

O Hail! to the days of wine and typhus,
the arrangements of battlefields in early spring,
the glory of a factory that rifts your body
before it wipes your mind, religions vivid
as blood sacrifice. Rise up King Pepe!
Pwn the noob descending the staircase,
these Chads will know the beta’s far cry.

PTSD was straightforward
when you could just belt your wife.
These days all we have is a toilet stall
where you can sharpie ‘Ted Bundy
would have loved her as prey’
across a picture of Patricia Krenwinkel
and no one will delete it.

These days it seems to me
people have their favourite monkeys,
bonobos or capuchins, smart as dumb likers.
I might just borrow yours.
Welcome to the shit show
and remember to vote with your wallet.

Liam Ferney