'stones sequence sucked' by Pascalle Burton | States of Poetry QLD - Series Two

(after Samuel Beckett’s Molloy)

still. but not quite.
I drew on the right
of time.

the other way (I have this solution):
escape that hazard
circulating always.

before I began
(before the hope of circulation)
I began better.

during the remaining of my of my
of my of my
(plus one in my),

I arrive at my mind
my immediate predecessors remain
my turn and turn. turn and turn.

I ran the same
bound to chance
planned to turn and turn.

my mind, a long conclusion.
an extraordinary

a pinch of pins
(more than I could manage)
trouble wrangling an instant anger.

I penetrate the obscure.
I grasp my refusal. my insoluble sound:
found found-sound now.

one empty second apart from one other.
no right left.
just other other empty now.

begin again. but not with balance.
time (or end of time) without the end
now. now, away.

Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton is a poet and performer with an interest in conceptual art and cultural theory. Her projects include UN/SPOOL (with Nathan Shepherdson), 24 Hour Gym (with Tessa Rose), and performing in the band The Stress of Leisure. Her début collection, About the author is dead, is forthcoming with Cordite Books.