States of Poetry Victoria - Series Two

Series two of States of Poetry Victoria is edited by David McCooey and features poetry from Bella Li, Gig Ryan, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Brendan Ryan, and Lisa Gorton.

States of Poetry Victoria - Series Two

'Empirical V' by Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton

Now on its stone heaps the tussock is dry
stalks the colour of a scratch in glass and rattling fennel
tendrils from the root – Along the cutting’s side
speargrass with a rain wind in it moves through the shape
of a catching fire – At the level of my eye, its
clo ...

State Editor's Introduction by David McCooey

David McCooey

In an age when the news is relentlessly bad, it is tempting to think that we can turn to poetry as either a flight from the pathological politics of our time, or a higher commentary on it. As the poets in this year’s Victorian States of Poetry Anthology show, poetry ...

About Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton, who lives in Melbourne, is a poet, novelist, and critic, and a former Poetry Editor of ABR. She studied at the Universities of Melbourne and Oxford. A Rhodes Scholar, she completed a Masters in Renaissance Literature and a Doctorate on John Donne ...

'Empirical VI' by Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton

A single cloud now climbing the hill towards me
and the blue-grey shadows in it are in the shape of a fire
and all about it brightness where the light pours through –
Uninterrupted its shadow moves over the craving grasses –
pale seedheads now shaking out light – as ...

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