Brendan Ryan
27 March 2014

I take a straw broom to the damp leaves on the side path.
The concrete pavers are stained and dirty as they have been
for much of the year. Stooping allows me to see

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The Presence at Drake Court

Will Eaves
27 March 2014

What’s missing from this floor?
The furniture, but also the reason

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'Comatos and Lacon' by John Kinsella

John Kinsella
27 February 2014
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'Mostly Water' by Bonny Cassidy

Bonny Cassidy
27 February 2014

In winter the garden
like the back of our mind

a faint young sun.

By dawn the house
has forgotten much of it.


Last night I caught you
reading strands from the plughole

pointing to the shrunken stranger
crackling in the tumble-dry.

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'Ode to the Metro' by Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright
27 February 2014

There’s a still point in the afternoon
when the cross-eyed dogs
in the smudged pet-shop window
are a distraction:
         no poems, in this stuck point
of the afternoon, I just watch
cross-breeds with shredded paper
stuck to their paws. It’s not that bad.
Amongst the mutterers in tracksuits

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'Smell' by Thomas Shapcott

Thomas Shapcott
27 February 2014

Underneath everything we touch is the smell
Of something too obvious to express
And yet we say there is nothing, nothing at all.

We have learned to live with a multitude of smells,
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Fiona Hile's 'Plagiarism Dreams'

Fiona Hile
19 January 2014

We met at the end of the party
when all the lights were fouled
with drink and even the self-titled
Ouzo Animal was yawning in protest
at the Bacchanalian revel in which
no member is not drunken. I sipped
soda water from a cracked glass,
refrained from removing my jumper
while a twelve-year old Bob Dylan with a voice
like Hank Will ... More

Louis Armand's 'St Kilda Meach'

Louis Armand
19 January 2014
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Ali Alizadeh's 'You'

Ali Alizadeh
19 January 2014
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Alyson Miller's 'Skogskyrkogården'

Alyson Miller
19 January 2014
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