'Young Male Lyrebird at the Illawarra Treetop Fly' a new poem by Judith Beveridge

Judith Beveridge
30 October 2014

He has his medley nearly ready. He has pieced together
his own fantasia, even if just from the sound of an owl
regurgitating a pellet of bat fur, a park ranger’s
jangling keys, the creak of cable strain when bored,

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Jo Langdon: 'Eiskrippe, Graz'

Jo Langdon
01 October 2014

‘That there should never be air / in a picture surprises me’
Barbara Guest

Feel it even now: such stillness
and yet – there

they are, again:

lights in blue
air, daylight

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Zoe Dzunko: 'Untitled'

Zoe Dzunko
24 September 2014
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Robert Adamson: 'Dorothy Wordsworth'

Robert Adamson
24 September 2014

Wisps of smoke, lamplight on manuscripts.
Pages fanned across an oak stool.
The hearth absorbs the stain of living.

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John Tranter: 'The Puma in the Duma'

John Tranter
24 September 2014
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Julie Chevalier: 'laptopland'

Julie Chevalier
24 September 2014
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Caitlin Maling: 'After a Girl Goes Missing'

Caitlin Maling
26 August 2014

The pots are still dropped and pulled at 4 am,
but no-one fishes near seal rock for weeks, out where the shadows
of sharks and seals are interchangeable.

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Oscar Schwartz: 'you forgot your mother’s face'

Oscar Schwartz
26 August 2014
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Simon Armitage: 'The Invigilator'

Simon Armitage
23 July 2014

A quiet night in the square,
taxis parked with their side-lights on
and engines cut, drivers
muttering under a fuzzy streetlamp.
A stray dog considers an old milk carton.

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Katherine Gallagher: 'Photograph – Mekong Delta, 1965'

Katherine Gallagher
23 July 2014

The woman’s hands
are tied behind her back –

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