Peter Rose: 'Grade'

Peter Rose
19 January 2012

Late afternoon. Another forty degree day.
Sick of ecological talk I decide to meet it,
take my book into the park,
not sure how far I’ll go with Against Nature.
Rare grass crackles beneath my feet.
This is not turf but a shell oval,
yet die-hards play in their filthy whites.
Only clouds billow, lyric.
Dog after dog sniffs my rug,

Bronwyn Lea (ed.): Australian Poetry Journal

Peter Kenneally
24 November 2011

A subdued genesis

Peter Kenneally


edited by Bronwyn Lea
Australian Poetry, $25 pb, 121 pp, 9780987176547


Bronwyn Lea has chosen ‘Beginnings’ as the theme for the first issue of Poetry Australia’s new jour ... More

The Blind Minotaur

Judith Bishop
15 November 2011


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'Feel Free' by John Ashbery

John Ashbery
25 October 2011

Our competing lifestyles lost us the Australian double
that semester. And couldn’t we then arrange
to do the other, and was the desert that limitless,
and why not say so? You see, griping comes naturally
to me and to all mankind. Once, when shut up
at the bottom of a shaft of some kind, I
assumed that the world would just trickle naturally
around what ... More

Toby Davidson (ed.): Collected Poems: Francis Webb

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
26 April 2011

Francis Webb the magician

Chris Wallace-Crabbe


edited and introduced by Toby Davidson
UWA Publishing, $32.95 pb, 480 pp, 9781742582689


The deeply troubled Francis Webb, a magician with language, is s ... More


Judith Bishop
12 April 2011
I could say hello to things.
Theodore Roethke

The hand’s wave,
when it comes –
formal, yet never once the same,
awkward sometimes,
sometimes half-
withheld –
from the sunlight of the brain
makes a shadow of intent.

Something alights
in the meadow of vision.
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Self-portrait at Sixty

Tony Lintermans
12 April 2011

What am I? A crushed hominid.
A can of couscous, seeding.
A shudder of my former self, a
self-defrosting fridge. Good
with dogs, at looking after dogs,
at looking dog-like.
Mosquito slapper, hopeless unwrapper
of shrink-wrapped cheese.

What am I here for? To look after
my fading father, to bury and speak
when the time comes for scatt ... More


Alex Skovron
11 April 2011


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