Cameron Lowe: 'Blush'

Cameron Lowe
15 December 2014
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A.J. Carruthers: 'Axis 12. Addenda'

A.J. Carruthers
15 December 2014
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Tina Kane: 'Time Watch'

Tina Kane
25 November 2014


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Gig Ryan: 'Rent Time'

Gig Ryan
25 November 2014

Anywhere’s more homely
than this field day to mortality,
accumulating severances
that wrangle distance
like before and after’s rosary of rue.

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Stephen Edgar: 'The Art of the Fugue'

Stephen Edgar
25 November 2014

So, summoned by that call across the wide
And complicated city, pressed
And yet reluctant to arrive,
We found among the ranks of the distressed,
The sick, the stricken and the stupefied,
Her shocked, unconscious form in South Ward Five.
And then I turned aside.

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Danger: Lantana

Ross Clark
21 November 2014
sampling Jeffrey Harrison’s ‘Danger: Tulip’,
from Ploughshares, Winter 2006–07

Was I hoping to find my way to the creek, loud
with unseasonal rain, and to see, perhaps,
a few winter wattles, and catch a magpie or two
warbling in a melaleuca, when I took a track
I’d never taken before, through light scrub first
and then a sc ... More

Lost Property

Tracy Ryan
21 November 2014

To be alone in the wide room
in the house’s crooked elbow, turning point
for extensions as the family grew
and grew – and grew – to be alone in the one room
nobody needed now, though it might be resumed
like land, for guests or blow-ins, at any moment,
without notice (and that was part of
the appeal, the very tenuous feel of the place) to play the ... More

2007 Porter Prize winner: 'Sanctum' by Alex Skovron

Alex Skovron
20 November 2014

So there he was in the library, crouched above the floor
       like a mousetrap, squinting into his rickety parallel edition
of the Satires. The paperback was from the late fifties;

its cover had long detached, released its burden, demoted itself
       to a floating flapless jacket, and some of the pages

'Stranded Cactus' a new poem by Andrew Sant

Andrew Sant
30 October 2014

This cactus looks as if, on a reef,
it could be neighbour to sponge, equally at ease
under the sea – or strange as some tentacled hydra
on the window ledge, free
of quickening leaves.


'Moth' a new poem by Debi Hamilton

Debi Hamilton
30 October 2014

Digging in the garden I found a moth
albinoed on a piece of bark by the fence.
Those were my radiation days; it was good
to lay down the spade and kneel in the soil.

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