Peter Kenneally reviews '101 Poems' by John Foulcher, 'Small Town Soundtrack' by Brendan Ryan, and 'Ahead of Us' by Dennis Haskell

Peter Kenneally

Reading these three books in April, it was impossible not to see in them flashes of what Ross McMullin has described in war artist Will Dyson's drawings from World War I ...


2016 Porter Prize Shortlist

Amanda Joy et al
Read the five Porter Prize shortlisted poems: 'Tailings' by Amanda Joy, 'Lament for "Cape" Kennedy' by Campbell Thomson, 'Rage to order' by Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, '... a passing shower?' by Dan Disney, and 'Prelude to More

2015 Porter Prize Shortlist

Kate Middleton et al
Read the six shortlisted poems in the 2015 Porter Prize. More

Cassandra Atherton: 'Plum(b)'

Cassandra Atherton
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Clive James: 'A Silent Speech by Julia Gillard'

Clive James

High dungeon was a feeling I knew well
When mockery from men weighed on my soul.
As your Prime Minister I went through hell,
If I can say so without hyperbowl.

Triumphant now in power, the men of hate
Who howled that I was unfit for command
Make prejudice a tenant of the state.
Don’t speak to me about the Taliband:

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Cameron Lowe: 'Blush'

Cameron Lowe
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Tina Kane: 'Time Watch'

Tina Kane


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Gig Ryan: 'Rent Time'

Gig Ryan

Anywhere’s more homely
than this field day to mortality,
accumulating severances
that wrangle distance
like before and after’s rosary of rue.

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