States of Poetry 2016 NSW Podcast | 'Democrazy' by Toby Fitch

Friday, 24 June 2016 10:40

In this episode of Australian Book Review's States of Poetry podcast, Toby Fitch reads his poem 'Democrazy' which features in the 2016 New South Wales anthology.



u salivate over the lavish merch     & navigate the root
     the riot marches down     pour lemonade into yr filters
           watch it     fizz w/ the aura of philosophy  
     confit the poor     toys & velour     lining yr demon crèche
where right wings cook     the science left   wings wilt
     where the schism u imp about     cycles     & the ex u con
           script says au revoir!   it’s get on or get off if u
     serf on ice / sir vice the military     exploit the monstro     
city in yr self     & yr peak industry body perks   apply!                 
     it pays to be Trumped up     logorrhoeathmic     crazed   ex          
           ponent of that power to witch   re volting masses stick
    aux! centre yr cynic     for some scenic prostitution
pawn off yr core   values & move     evr forward     evn
     the fixed come unfixed       as iphones on the blink   keep        
         snuffling the paywalls’     patois       paths so logical  
     it’s tough   love      u illuminate       swipe right 
eat the drapes     eat everything night drips w/

 Toby Fitch

 'Democrazy' appears in 'States of Poetry - NSW'. You can learn more about States of Poetry and read the full anthologies here

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