States of Poetry 2016 NSW Podcast | Introduction and 'small town apocalypse' by Susie Anderson

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 16:28

In this episode of Australian Book Review's States of Poetry podcast, Susie Anderson introduces her anthology and reads her poem 'small town apocalypse' which features in the 2016 NSW anthology.


small town apocalypse

 she used to walk out to the road at the end of town, put her arms and legs up to the sky and stretch out to reach all of the stars. the next summer it seemed like she would never have the chance to do it again, because of the locusts. everywhere in the town there were dead locusts covering the roads. locusts met their deaths on windscreens of cars and meshed inextricably into the grates of the trucks on the highway. the people in town stayed indoors most of the time because you could not go outside without breathing in or stepping on a locust. elderly people raised their eyebrows at the young as if they were receiving their penance. the middle-aged accepted the locusts as another weary feature of their lives. the young checked the weather on their phones and knew there was a 80% chance a rain storm would come and wash the locust carcasses away by next thursday.

Susie Anderson

'small town apocalypse' appears in States of Poetry - NSW. You can learn more about States of Poetry and read the full anthologies here.

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