Poem of the Week - Campbell Thomson reads 'Lament for "Cape" Kennedy'

16 June 2016

In this episode of 'Poem of the Week' Campbell Thomson reads 'Lament for "Cape" Kennedy'. ABR Editor, Peter Rose, introduces Campbell who then reads and discusses his poem.


2016 Porter Prize Shortlist

Amanda Joy et al
23 February 2016
Read the five Porter Prize shortlisted poems: 'Tailings' by Amanda Joy, 'Lament for "Cape" Kennedy' by Campbell Thomson, 'Rage to order' by Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, '... a passing shower?' by Dan Disney, and 'Prelude to More

Campbell Thomson reviews 'The Big Screen'

Campbell Thomson
04 March 2013
Mothers of America
let your kids go to the movies!
get them out of the house so they won’t know what you’re up to
it’s true that fresh air is good for the body
but what about the soul
that grows in darkness, embossed by silvery images ... More