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The Porter Prize: Listen to all the past winners

The ABR Podcast 22 July 2020

The Porter Prize: Listen to all the past winners

The ABR Podcast 22 July 2020

The Peter Porter Poetry Prize is one of the world's leading prizes for an unpublished poem. It's named after one of Australia's finest poets, Peter Porter: a regular contributor to ABR. Now in its seventeenth year, the Porter Prize is worth a total of $10,000. Entries are open now, with a closing date of October 1. Click here for more information.

As poets around the world hone their entries, here's an opportunity to listen to all previous winning poems of the Porter Prize, going right back to 2005. There's nothing like hearing an author read their own work, and each poem in this episode is read by the poets themselves. Below we list the times that all poets appear.

1.26 | Stephen Edgar: 'Man on the Moon'

4.17 | Judith Bishop: 'Still Life with Cockles and Shells'

6.02 | Alex Skovron: 'Sanctum'

8.00 | Tracy Ryan: 'Lost Property

11.16 | Anthony Lawrence: 'Domestic Emergencies'

16.16 | Judith Bishop: 'Openings'

20.46 | Tony Lintermans: 'Self-portrait at Sixty'

23.06 | Michael Farrell: 'Beautiful Mother'

26.31 | John A. Scott: 'Four Sonnets'

32.46 | Jessica L. Wilkinson: 'Arrival Platform Humlet

35.27 | Judith Beveridge: 'As Wasps Fly Upwards'

39.52 | Amanda Joy: 'Tailings'

43.18 | Damen O'Brien: 'pH'

48.04 | Louis Klee: 'Sentence to Lilacs'

49.59 | Nicholas Wong: '101, Taipei'

53.14 | Andy Kissane: 'Searching the Dead'

57.34 | Belle Ling: '63 Temple Street, Mong Kok'

1.03.06 | A. Frances Johnson: 'My Father's Thesaurus'


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