Short Story

Jolley Prize 2011 (Shortlist): 'Milk Tray' by Claire Aman

Claire Aman
27 September 2011

This is to say I didn’t take the old lady’s things for myself, I was only looking after them. I wanted to leave the chocolate box in her garden so when she lifted the lid she’d find her ruby rings and diamonds and pearls each tucked in their own dark nest. It was nearly ready, only two more to go – Turkish Delight and Peppermint Crème. She would have unders ... More

Jolley Prize 2011 (Shortlist): 'What’s Richard Ford Got to Do with It?' by Gaylene Carbis

Gaylene Carbis
27 September 2011

In the middle of their love-making, he said, suddenly – ‘Wait.’ He reached over to his wallet beside the bed and took out what was obviously a condom. He opened the packet, held up the condom and said, ‘Put it on.’

She held it in the air, as if it was something she’d never seen before.

‘You have to hold the end so the air doesn’t get ... More

'Suitable for a Lampshade' a new story by Josephine Rowe

Josephine Rowe
06 May 2011

I got the call when I was too far away to do anything about it. There was a pile of marking to get through, but that had been the case even before the call.

I’d rented a holiday house from a friend of a friend. And they’d probably bought it and all its contents from the children of an elderly deceased lady, or of one who had recently been moved to an age ... More

Jolley Prize 2010 (Winner): 'A Roānkin philosophy of poetry' by Maria Takolander

Maria Takolander
07 December 2010

A Roānkin philosophy of poetry

by Maria Takolander

I worked for a while with the second cousin of an acquaintance of the notorious Minean nationalist poet, Honoré Tutkanen, whose book The Overall Underling had done little, my colleague and I agreed, to advance sympathy for the pig breeder. This colleague, a lecturer in the faculty of b ... More

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