Peter Carey

Karen Lamb reviews 'Theft' by Peter Carey

Karen Lamb
10 July 2019

Sometimes the best place to get a true picture of what Peter Carey is really thinking about his writing is in the international pre More

Elizabeth Riddell reviews 'Oscar & Lucinda' by Peter Carey

Elizabeth Liddell
10 July 2019

From short stories Peter Carey has proceeded to long novels. This is his third. It is dense with incident and meticulously delineat More

Andreas Gaile reviews 'My Life as a Fake' by Peter Carey

Andreas Gaile
07 June 2019

To an outside observer of the Australian literary and cultural scene, the Ern Malley hoax is one of those spin-offs in the Australian experience that keep on conjuring up Mark Twain’s fa More

Paul Giles reviews 'A Long Way from Home' by Peter Carey

Paul Giles
25 October 2017

On learning that the premise of Peter Carey’s new novel involved a test of automobile reliability on a round trip across Australia, my first response was to dismiss it as a thin conceit More

Open Page with Peter Carey

29 October 2014

What is your favourite music?

Once again I am pleading 'no favourites', although I am always moved and astonished by Gavin Bryars’s 'Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet'. No, I’m not a Christian. Also, generally speaking, I am forbidden to sing.


Patrick Allington reviews Peter Carey's 'Amnesia'

Patrick Allington
23 September 2014

Peter Carey’s new novel, Amnesia, is an odd-shaped – but not misshaped – tale about power and, more particularly, resistance to power. When the veteran leftist journalist Felix Moore writes the story of Gaby Baillieux, a young Australian cyber-activist, he finds himself, like Gaby, a fugitive. As if by magic, Gaby has unlocked Australian and US prison d ... More

Patrick Allington reviews 'The Chemistry of Tears' by Peter Carey

Patrick Allington
20 January 2012

 In his closing address to the 2010 Sydney Writers’ Festival, Peter Carey made a plea on behalf of the fading ‘cult’ of serious reading. This prompted a fierce riposte from Bryce Courtenay: ‘There’s no such thing as popular writing versus literary writing. If I’m a popular writer then Peter Carey is an unpopular writer. If I’m a best-selling write ... More

Joseph Wiesenfarth reviews 'Rewriting History: Peter Carey’s Fictional Biography of Australia' by Andreas Gaile

Joseph Wiesenfarth
21 April 2011

Andreas Gaile presents his Rewriting History as Peter Carey’s biography of Australia. Before he gives us the facts of that biography, however, he suggests why Carey cannot write More