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States of Poetry 2016 - New South Wales | 'Visitation on Myrtle Street' by David Malouf

David Malouf
03 May 2016

I was woken at some hour
of darkness before dawn by a scent so heavy
on my senses, on the room, that I was convinced

a burglar had broken in
and was loitering
upstairs or in the hallway, or having caught

my step on the stairs above him was lying low
in the laundry, or sitting
upright and unbreathing

in one of the Windsor chairs, unaware it w ... More

States of Poetry 2016 - New South Wales | About David Malouf

Australian Book Review
28 April 2016

David Malouf 1 - credit Conrad del Villar - cropped

David Malouf is the internationally acclaimed author of novels including Ransom (2009), The Great Worl ... More

Poem of the Week - David Malouf reads 'Visitation on Myrtle Street'

Australian Book Review
15 April 2016

In this episode of 'Poem of the Week' ABR Laureate David Malouf reads 'Visitation on Myrtle Street' which will appear in More

Gillian Dooley reviews 'The Simple Act of Reading' edited by Debra Adelaide

Gillian Dooley
21 December 2015

Let's start with the title. The act of reading is anything but simple, as Fiona McFarlane and Gabrielle Carey both point out. Eyes, brain, and mind cooperate to create from a series of symbols with no intrinsic representative value a coherent message, or some amusing nonsense, or a persuasive argument, or a boring anecdote, or a parade of transparent lies.

D ... More

Fly Away Peter (Sydney Chamber Opera)

Ian Dickson
07 May 2015

Of all the many projects commemorating the centenary of World War I and the Anzacs’ contribution to it, the creation of an opera from David Malouf’s magnificent novella Fly Away Peter (1981) would seem to be one of the most demanding.

The story follows the young, bird-obsessed Jim Saddler f ... More

Luke Slattery reviews 'Being There' by David Malouf

Luke Slattery
27 April 2015

In ‘Birthday Poem at Thirty’, a young David Malouf considers his place in the scheme of things as dawn breaks over an unnamed and unlovely ‘northern town’. The poet, who seems dislodged from home, regards himself with a dry eye – ‘no visible scars / no medals’ – and wonders where he will go from here, and how far. ‘Far indeed’, is the answer life ... More

Patrick Allington reviews 'The Writing Life' by David Malouf

Patrick Allington
26 February 2015

In appraising the poet Peter Porter, David Malouf writes that ‘the world we inhabit is a vast museum – call it History, or Art, or the History of Art. For Porter, the exhibits were still alive and active.’ So it is with Malouf himself: his world includes Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the awful and bloody twentieth century, a Brisba ... More

David Malouf maps the emotional history of Australia

Kevin Rabalais
29 April 2014

Some obsessions, present from the start, infiltrate a writer’s pages to the degree that they become synonymous with his body of work. This reaches beyond preoccupation and setting to include matters of style and sensibility. Such a combination allows the reader to discern, often in the space of a single sentence, one writer’s DNA from another’s. We return to c ... More

David Malouf’s Rapturous Sense of Things

Lisa Gorton
25 February 2014

David Malouf turns eighty this month, improbably. To mark his birthday, UQP has published a new poetry collection by Malouf. ABR Poetry Editor reviews Earth Hour in this issue.

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