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An Open Letter on the ABC

Reviewed by
ABR Arts

An Open Letter on the ABC

Reviewed by
ABR Arts

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Supporting the ABC

ABR shares many Australians’ concerns about the health and viability of the ABC. The threats are myriad and sustained. Funding cuts, political interference, and frequent taunts from News Corp have weakened the organisation. Recently, the Liberal Party’s Federal Council voted to privatise the organisation. This would surely spell the beginning of the end for the national broadcaster. We take things for granted in the Lucky Country, but can we really be sure that the ABC will be around in 2028 to celebrate its centenary – searching, unfettered, well resourced? More and more people think not and have begun to lobby government. ABR supports them wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, one hundred writers, artists, commentators, and public figures have signed our open letter in support of the ABC.

Peter Rose, Editor and CEO, Australian Book Review

Open Letter

We strongly support the ABC and oppose any measures – privatisation, political interference, funding cuts – that would undermine the national broadcaster.

Phillip Adams AO
Louise Adler AM
Dennis Altman AM
Brook Andrew
Robyn Archer AO
Neil Armfield AO
Alan Atkinson
Amy Baillieu
Kate Baillieu
John Bell AO
Neal Blewett AC
Frank Bongiorno
Helen Brack
Katharine Brisbane AM
Peter Burch AM
Julian Burnside AO QC
Roger Butler
David Carment AM
Steven Carroll
J.M. Coetzee
Paul Collins
Peter Craven
Jim Davidson AM
Glyn Davis AC
Sarah Day
Michelle de Kretser
Brett Dean
Robert Dessaix
Ian Dickson
Ian Donaldson
Helen Ennis
Gareth Evans AC QC
Ronald Farren-Price AM
Sheila Fitzpatrick
Tim Flannery
Rae Frances
Morag Fraser AM
Anna Funder
Helen Garner
Michael Gawenda AM
Max Gillies AM
Andrea Goldsmith
Anna Goldsworthy
Kerryn Goldsworthy
Colin Golvan AM QC
Lisa Gorton
Jonathan Green
Kate Grenville AO
Gavan Griffith AO QC
Tom Griffiths AO
Gideon Haigh
Fiona Hall AO
Rodney Hall AM
Marieke Hardy
Margaret Harris
Lindy Hume
Frank Jackson AO
Mary Lou Jelbart
Gail Jones
Barry Jones AC
John Kinsella
Ellen Koshland
Mike Ladd
Marilyn Lake AO
Sam Lake AO
Susan Lever
Ranald Macdonald
Stuart Macintyre AO
Kim Mahood
Robert Manne
Christopher Menz
Alex Miller
Frank Moorhouse AM
Michael Morley
Brenda Niall AO
Kerry O’Brien
Geoff Page
Judith Pugh
Ron Radford AM
Henry Reynolds
Judith Rodriguez AM
Peter Rose
Mark Rubbo OAM
Leo Schofield AM
Julianne Schultz AM
Kim Scott
Robert Sessions AM
Thomas Shapcott AO
Michael Shmith
Beejay Silcox
Peter Singer AC
Fiona Stanley AC
Richard Tognetti AO
Peter Tregear
Susan Varga
Richard Walsh
Elizabeth Webby AM
Kim Williams AM
Kip Williams
Lyn Williams AM
Michael Williams
Robyn Williams AM
Jacinda Woodhead
Susan Wyndham
William Yang

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Comments (21)

  • I'd like to add my name to this list please, and I am a writer
    Posted by Anne Layton-Bennett
    Sunday, 05 August 2018 09:47
  • I. Must add my name
    Posted by Vera Wasowski
    Thursday, 02 August 2018 07:23
  • The ABC is a valued and important part of keeping the Australian society informed in a balanced way. It is a National treasure, and it is vital that it continues without any interference from commercial interests. I would like my name to be entered on the Open Letter on the ABC.
    Posted by Rosemary Mangiamele
    Tuesday, 31 July 2018 18:36
  • Continue the government support of the ABC and leave it alone!
    Posted by David Bardas AO
    Tuesday, 31 July 2018 14:45
  • I would like to enter my name on the Open Letter on the ABC
    Posted by Brigitte Curnow
    Wednesday, 25 July 2018 10:46
  • The ABC is Australia's national treasure. It is an necessary pillar of our democracy and its independence is essential. It must never be a rubber stamp for whatever side of politics is in government. Furthermore, it is an essential information provider for regional and rural Australia outside of the major urban areas. It should never be sold to commercial interests.
    Posted by James Craib
    Tuesday, 24 July 2018 17:28
  • I would like to add my name to this list.
    Alan Brissenden AM
    Posted by Alan Brissenden
    Tuesday, 24 July 2018 12:32
  • Australia is fortunate in having a national broadcaster that is free from the constant demands and push of consumerism, to explore aspects of our lives through fiction and non-fiction, across platforms. The range of thoughtful, provocative and sometimes niche programming would not be found, indeed would not survive within a broadcast network reliant only on cultivating the highest viewer numbers in order to satisfy advertisers. The great dumbing down of Australian media programming that would result would be an unforgivable and negligent act of cultural vandalism that would diminish us as a people and as a nation.
    Posted by Craig Kirchner
    Tuesday, 24 July 2018 11:05
  • ABC has had a lifelong influence on my quality of life. ABC was my introduction to the world outside as a child in the bush, and now 83 years later is my link with the world again , as age and limited means increasingly confine my activities. ABC now enriches the lives of family and friends through their many devices. Save the ABC.
    Posted by Patricia Donnelly
    Tuesday, 24 July 2018 07:52
  • The ABC reminds me of an archipelago of very different islands of high quality radio in a sea of mediocrity. Is there a more treasured national institution?

    Peter McPhee AM
    Posted by Peter McPhee
    Tuesday, 24 July 2018 07:24