Dust without dimension

The November 13 attacks on ordinary citizens in Paris have outraged and galvanised the world community. We share this sense of revulsion. Australia has a large French population and a rich tradition of Francophilia. Our sympathies go to our French readers and to the families of all the victims.

Words, at such times, are de trop. Not La Marseillaise

21 Days: An Odyssey

Our survey of neglected novels published in the Fiction issue (September 2015) has attracted much attention. Peter Rose, lauding Rodney Hall's novel Captivity Captive (1988), wrote: 'The book might have been written in a day – one inspired day.' Well, not quite ...

News from the Editor's desk - October 2015

Friday, 25 September 2015

Environmental times

For the second year in a row, generous support from the Bjarne K. Dahl Trust

Jolley Prize

Welcome to our annual Fiction issue. Among the highlights are the three 2015 Jolley Prize shortlisted stories. This is the sixth time that we have presented the Jolley Prize, which is worth a total of $8,000. After reading more than 1,200 entries submitted by ...

Supporting Australian writers

In the May 2015 issue our Editor lamented the low or non-payment of many book reviewers (young ones especially). Peter Rose wrote: ‘The time has come for us all to become better literary citizens – more engaged, more informed, more giving. We’re all involved: publishers, ...

Porter Prize

On 12 May a large audience gathered at the excellent Collected Works bookshop in Melbourne for the announcement of the 2015 Peter Porter Poetry Prize, always a highlight on the ...

Calibre Prize

Sophie Cunningham is the winner of this year’s Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay. The judges – Delia Falconer and Peter Rose – chose Ms Cunningham’s essay from a field of almost 100 essays. She receives $5,000 from ABR.

Our winner is well known to Australian readers as a former publisher, Edit ...

Morag Fraser

At our AGM in March, Morag Fraser AM left the board after nine years as Chair and twelve years on the board. At a memorable function afterwards, board and staff members paid tribute to our esteemed colleague. Among the tributes published in a small testimonial was this one from Peter Rose: ‘It has been a joy working with you closely. No Editor – no editor intent on ef ...

News from the Editor's Desk - March 2015

The Editors
Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reading Australia

ABR is delighted to be participating in the new round of Reading Australia essays on classic Australian titles. Reading Australia – an ambitious initiative of Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund – offers students, school teachers, and general readers insightful and accessible 2,000-wor ...

News from the Editor's Desk - December 2014

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Performances of the year

We know how much our readers (not to mention nominated authors) enjoy our annual ‘Books of the Year’ feature. This year – to highlight ABR’s fast-expanding arts coverage (both in the magazine and in Arts ...