What is the difference between a subscription to Australian Book Review (ABR) and a subscription to Australian Book Review Online Edition (ABR OE)?

Australian Book Review (ABR) is the printed edition of the magazine, and a one-year subscription is for ten issues. Australian Book Review Online Edition (ABR OE) is an online version of the magazine accessible on the Net. ABR OE can be read on any device with web-browsing capabilities, including desktop computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, and smart phones (including iPhone and android models). ABR OE is searchable and includes links to current articles, related articles, and articles by author. ABR OE back issues are available to subscribers. ABR OE readers can comment on articles.


Is ABR OE free?

No. ABR OE is a subscription service. For rates, go to Subscribe to ABR OE.


Can I subscribe to both ABR and ABR OE?

New subscribers to ABR can subscribe to ABR OE as well for an additional $20 (individual subscriptions only). To do so go to Subscribe to ABR OE, or call ABR on (03) 9699 8822.

Existing print subscribers can add ABR OE at any point for $20 (individuals only). Access extends to the end of the ABR subscription period. At the end of this period, subscribers must renew both subscriptions (i.e. $105 combined for ABR and ABR OE for one year), or renew their ABR ($85) or ABR OE ($50) subscription separately.

NB: To add ABR OE to a two-year ABR subscription with more than one year to go incurs an additional $20 per year. E.g. – in April 2012, a subscriber whose subscription expires in September 2013 must pay $40 to add ABR OE to cover the September 2012–September 2014 period.

To add ABR OE to your existing print subscription, call ABR on: (03) 9699 8822


Can I purchase a single issue of ABR OE?

Readers can purchase one-month access to the latest issue of ABR OE for $6. To do so go to Subscribe to ABR OE. NB: Those purchasing a single ABR OE issue will not have access to back issues. Links to articles outside of the single issue purchased will be disabled.


When is ABR OE published?

Issues of ABR OE are published early in each month of the year, except for August and January. July–August and December–January are double issues.


How do I renew my ABR OE subscription?

You will receive an email reminder to renew your ABR OE subscription 30 days prior to its expiration. Follow the instructions in the email to renew your subscription online using a credit card (Eway Secure Payment Gateway), or Paypal.

NB: To renew your ABR OE subscription at any time (including in advance), login to your account via the SUBSCRIBER ACCESS box (see right). Once logged-in choose ‘Renew your ABR OE subscription’.

Alternatively, call ABR to renew or update your details: (03) 9699 8822.


I do not have a credit card, can I pay for my ABR OE subscription by cheque or by direct deposit?

To subscribe to cheque, or to arrange a direct deposit, call ABR on (03) 9699 8822.


How do I access and read ABR OE issues?

To read issues of ABR OE, enter your Username and password in the blue SUBSCRIBER ACCESS box (see right). Follow the links to read the latest issue. ABR OE subscribers can read back issues by following the links beneath the blue ABR ONLINE ISSUES box.

I represent an Institution, University, School or Library and require group access to ABR OE by IP address authentication (i.e. not by individual Usernames and passwords). How do I arrange this?

Institutional subscribers to ABR OE may arrange access via IP address authentication by calling ABR on (03) 9699 8822. Institutions may specify a range of IP addresses.


I have forgotten my Username and password. What do I do?

To retrieve your Username or password, follow the 'Forgot your login?' link in the blue SUBSCRIBER ACCESS box to the right. Your details will be emailed to you.


How do I search ABR OE issues?

To search all ABR OE issues, enter your search terms in the 'Search …' window in the top right-hand side of the ABR website. Search results, including links, will appear beneath the Search window.


I am vision-impaired. Can I increase the text size of ABR OE?

Yes. To increase or decrease the size of text, click the ‘+’ and ‘–’ buttons next to ‘Text Size’ at the top right-hand side of the website. To increase the size of text even further, consult the 'View' menu of your web browser.


What are the Terms and Conditions of Use?

ABR OE Terms and Conditions.


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