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May 2016, issue no. 381

April 2011 no. 330

April 2011 no. 330

News from the Editor's Desk

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ABR is now online

This month we launch our online edition. ABR OE, which complements but in no way replaces the print version, is probably the ... More

Harold McLeish, Chris Flynn, Graham Bradley, and Timothy Roberts

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Behind the screen

Dear Editor,

Questions of objectivity and subject-ivity are a burden borne equally by anthologist and reviewer, so it was with some su ... More

Patrick White and Australian critics

Charles Lock

That Patrick White is thought of as an Australian writer is, though regrettable, undeniable. Two problems follow: the first being that he tends to be presented by ... More

Alan Frost: Botany Bay

Norman Etherington

Old battles about British settlement

Norman Etherington


Botany Bay: The Real Story

Also in this issue

At Rajkote

Judith Beveridge

Lyn Hughes: Flock

Carol Middleton

Alan Carter: Prime Cut

Jay Daniel Thompson
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