Bronwyn Parry: Dead Heat

Joy Lawn

Joy Lawn


Dead Heat
Bronwyn Parry
Hachette Australia, $32.99 pb, 352 pp, 9780733625497


Proudly popular fiction, Dead Heat is a romantic thriller set in a north-western New South Wales National Park. Organised crime in fiction generally operates in a ... More

Michelle Aung Thin: The Monsoon Bride

Elena Gomez

The demands of history

Elena Gomez


The Monsoon Bride
by Michelle Aung Thin
Text Publishing, $29.95 pb, 256 pp, 9781921758638


The historical novel has always been characterised by a formative tension – the demands of history versus the demands of ... More

Gillian Mears: Foal's Bread

Gillian Dooley

Portents everywhere

Gillian Dooley


Foal’s Bread
by Gillian Mears
Allen & Unwin, $32.99 pb, 360 pp, 9781742376295


Gillian Mears has been to death’s door and back. Her wonderful essay ‘Alive in Ant and Bee’ (2007) recounts the journey and ... More

Melanie Joosten: Berlin Syndrome

Adam Gall

Tough love

Adam Gall


Berlin Syndrome
by Melanie Joosten
Scribe, $29.95 pb, 248 pp, 9781921844140


Melanie Joosten’s first novel, Berlin Syndrome,is a compelling literary thriller. Clare, an Australian travelling alone in Europe, meets a c ... More

Jan Gross: Jam Dreaming

Joy Lawn

Unrealised dreams

Joy Lawn


Jam Dreaming
by Jan Gross
Sid Harta Publishers, $24.95 pb, 382 pp, 9781921829581


The premise of Jam Dreaming is worthwhile; three cultures and generations meet over food. Eileen is an Aboriginal girl who lives in ... More

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