Alexandra Walsham: The Reformation of the Landscape

Wilfrid Prest
24 November 2011

A remarkable new look at familiar historical themes

Wilfrid Prest


The Reformation of the Landscape: Religion, Identity, and Memory in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
by Alexandra Walsham
Oxford University Press, $65 hb, 653 pp, 9780199243556


Austr ... More

Bill Gammage: The Biggest Estate on Earth

Geoffrey Blainey
25 October 2011

Masters of the blaze

Geoffrey Blainey


The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia
by Bill Gammage
Allen & Unwin, $49.99 hb, 464 pp, 9781742377483


This bold book, with its lucid prose and vivid illustrations, will be discussed for ... More

Patricia Sumerling: The Adelaide Park Lands

Bernard Whimpress
25 October 2011

An oft-overlooked treasure

Bernard Whimpress


The Adelaide Park Lands: A Social History
by Patricia Sumerling
Wakefield Press, $49.95 hb, 302 pp, 9781862549142


Novelist Janette Turner Hospital’s recent essay in praise of New York’s Central Park ... More

Delia Falconer: Sydney

Rhyll McMaster
12 October 2011

‘Glitz and rot’

Rhyll McMaster


by Delia Falconer
New South, $29.95 hb, 301 pp, 9781921410925


Delia Falconer’s Sydney, the third in a series from New South in which leading Australian authors write about their hometowns, is lik ... More

Kerryn Goldsworthy: Adelaide

Gay Bilson
27 September 2011

Don’s conundrum

Gay Bilson


by Kerryn Goldsworthy
New South, $29.95 hb, 304 pp, 9781742232621


This year is the 175th anniversary of European settlement in South Australia. The University of Adelaide presented a series of public lectures c ... More

Alasdair McGregor (ed.): Antarctica

James Bradley
23 August 2011

Antarctica as a climatic bellwether

James Bradley


Antarctica: That Sweep of Savage Splendour
edited by Alasdair McGregor
Viking, $39.95 hb, 352 pp, 9780670074426


On 18 January 1773, less than twenty-four hours after first entering Antarctic waters ... More