Peter Monteath reviews 'Fighters in the Shadows: A new history of the French Resistance' by Robert Gildea

Peter Monteath

Charles de Gaulle remains, for many, the quintessence of Gallic defiance through the dark years of World War II. Not only did he symbolise the famed resistance, he organised it, led it, conquered the Boche, and delivered national salvation after the humiliation of 1940.

As Robert Gildea makes clear in this new history of the French Resistance, it was not alw ... More

'Letter from Paris' by Colin Nettelbeck

Colin Nettelbeck

After the horrific massacres in Paris and the ensuing ones in Belgium that were purportedly intended for France, the French were spontaneously drawn together in a defiant affirmation of their fundamental values. In the weeks following the killings, they marched, they ate at restaurants, they took the métro, they gathered in museums, galleries, and cinemas. They wer ... More

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