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November 2011, No. 336

Rodney Hall: SilenceJames Ley


October 2011, No. 335

Alex Miller: Autumn LaingMorag Fraser


September 2011, No. 334

Robert Hughes's flawed history of Rome – Peter Stothard


July–August 2011, No. 333

Coping with a resurgent China – Hugh White


June 2011, No. 332

'What is Australia, anyway?' – Patrick Allington


May 2011, No. 331

Copyright and the Internet – Colin Golvan


April 2011, No. 330

The cant about free speech – Terry Lane

Jane Sullivan: Little PeopleCarmel Bird


March 2011, No. 329

Tony Judt’s nimble mind – Bruce Grant

February 2011, No. 328

James Bradley (ed.): The Penguin Book of the OceanGregory Kratzmann


December 2010–January 2011, No. 327

Guthrie vs Murdoch – Jan McGuinness
A new biography of Barry Humphries – Ian Britain

Strangers in the know – Geordie Williamson

Graham Oppy et al. (eds): A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New ZealandAdrian Walsh


November 2010, No. 326

Changes at the National Gallery of Australia – Christopher Menz

Millennial slippage: Honouring the paradox and majesty of art – Bill Henson

Lloyd Jones: Hand Me Down WorldJo Case

Roger McDonald: When Colts RanPeter Pierce

Anna Krien: Into the WoodsPeter Mares


October 2010, No.325

Kim Scott’s new novel That Deadman DancePatrick Allington

The woman behind Mary Poppins – Lisa Gorton

Having it both ways – James Ley


September 2010, No. 324

The assassination of Kevin Rudd – Neal Blewett

Mythologising Hawke – Bruce Grant

Remembering Jessica Anderson – Susan Sheridan

Devil in the detail – Kate Holden

Chris Womersley: BereftCarmel Bird

Winds of War – Ruth Starke


July–August 2010, No. 323

The travails of Bill Clinton – Morag Fraser

The Balibo Five – Jill Jolliffe

Furore in Israel – Jonathan Pearlman

Vodka fumes – Kate Holden


June 2010, No. 322

Littoral Truth: Peter Porter (1929–2010) – Peter Steele

Man of paper, mind of steel – Michael Shmith

Letters to an Unknown Friend – Robert Dessaix

Tattooed lady – Jo Case

Here’s trouble – Gay Bilson


May 2010, No. 321

Vindicating Malcolm Fraser – Neal Blewett

Fighting on the beaches – Robin Prior

Joel Deane: The Norseman's SongChris Flynn


April 2010, No. 320

Once and Australian – Brigitta Olubas

ABR Poetry Prize Shortlist – Ynes Sanz et al.

Some kind of ghost – Kate Holden

The last king of Poland, the glass king of France – David McCooey

The young Robert Hughes – Daniel Vuillermin


March 2010, No. 319

Prickles of disquiet – Murray Waldren

The trials of Helpmann – Lee Christofis

Pagan charm – Gillian Dooley

Everyman Cosgrove – Patrick Allington

The hypnotic J.D. Salinger – Jane Goodall


February 2010, No. 318

Announcing the ABR Favourite Australian Novels

Tongues of fire - Gregory Kratzmann

Chancing our arm - Anthony Elliott

The latest laureate - Ian Gibbins

Cornucopia of death - Dianne Dempsey

Andrew Markus, James Jupp and Peter McDonald: Australia's Immigration RevolutionPeter Mares


December 2009–January 2010, No. 317

Clive James and limelight - Peter Craven

Thomas Keneally: Australians - Ann Standish

Peter Carey: Parrot and Olivier in America - Murray Waldren

Judith Beveridge: Storm and Honey - Lisa Gorton


November 2009, No. 316

Climatic quarrels - Rosaleen Love

David Foster's new novel - James Ley

Alex Miller's Lovesong - Judith Armstrong

Les Murray: Killing the Black Dog - Chris Wallace-Crabbe


October 2009, No. 315

Gerald Murnane's Barley Patch - David Musgrave

Brenda Niall on a spirited Jesuit - Morag Fraser

Dorothy Porter's posthumous collection - Gig Ryan

Denis Dutton: The Art Instinct - Helen McDonald


September 2009, No. 314

'Vanishing Wunderkind': The great oeuvre of the enigmatic Stow – Tony Hassall

'Obscuring the Heritage': The Macquarie Anthology – Peter Craven

'Guerrilla Raid on Sincerity': J.M. Coetzee's new 'novel' – James Ley

'Crashing Through': Seismic times for Gough Whitlam – Jenny Hocking

Tom Keneally's new novel – Patrick Allington

Cate Kennedy's debut novel The World BeneathJo Case


July–August 2009, No. 313

Bitter Fruit: Ruth Park's Trilogy of Want and Human Spirit – Shirley Walker


May 2009, No. 311

'The very edge of things': David Malouf's RansomPeter Rose


November 2008, No. 306

'None but the Brave': The Costello MemoirsNeal Blewett

David Marr: The Henson CasePeter Rose


October 2008, No. 305

'Missing From My Own Life' – Elisabeth Holdsworth


July–August 2007, No. 329

ABR/La Trobe University Annual Lecture: 'The Ups, the Downs: My Life as a Biographer' – Hazel Rowley


April 2007, No. 290

'Death Dance' – David Hansen


December 2004–January 2005, No. 267

The Sound and the Fury: Uneasy Times for Hacks and Critics - Peter Rose


April 2003

The Inaugural National Biography Award Annual Lecture – Peter Rose


June–July 2002, No. 242

'Keating the Fascinator': Don Watson's Recollections of a Bleeding Heart Neal Blewett


August 2001, No. 233

'Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath: A Bystander's Recollections' – Peter Porter