Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - October 2015

28 September 2015


Dear Editor,

Shannon Burns’s splendid ABR Patrons’ Fellowship essay, ‘The Scientist of His Own Experience: A Profile of Gerard Murnane, is rich in insights and pithy observations, plus some rather fine photographs (August ... More

Letters to the Editor - June-July 2015

James McNamara et al.
28 May 2015


Dear Editor,

It was welcome indeed to read your editorial setting out Australian Book Review’s full-throated support for the proper payment of young writers (May 2015). In the current economic climate, forging a literary career is extremely difficult. Cu ... More

Letters to the Editor - May 2015

Michael Morley et al.
29 April 2015


Dear Editor,

While history and memory and the memory of history all seem to get shorter and shorter every decade, it’s a little surprising that neither James McNamara’s informative essay (More

Letters to the Editor - April 2015

Anthony Lawrence et al
26 March 2015


Dear Editor,

In his review of John Kinsella’s new book of poe ... More

Letters to the Editor - March 2015

Liat Kirby et al.
26 February 2015

Captain’s choice

Dear Editor,

What a hotchpotch event (‘Vipers and Whistleblowers’, January–February 2015). How can the Prime Minister’s Literary Awar ... More

Letters to the Editor

18 December 2014

Radiant Young Leaders

Dear Editor,

Are Richard Broinowski (and family) seeking to don the mantle of apologists for the rulers of North Korea (review of Paul French ... More

Letters to the Editor

26 November 2014

‘Pure, incidental song’

Dear Editor,

Your readers cannot have failed to detect the unsympathetic undertone running through Susan Sheridan’s politely disengaged account of my edition of Lesbia Harford’s poetry (More

Letters to the Editor - November 2014

Dennis Altman, Tim Byrne
29 October 2014

Intimate times

Dear Editor,

Tim Byrne, in his review of Meredith Burgmann’s Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files badly misread my complaints about my records. He writes that my [and Gary Foley’s] ‘movements were intimately tracked’. The whole ... More

Letters to the Editor

24 September 2014

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Dear Editor,

I was very disappointed that the review ‘Putin and the Kleptocrats’ gave such a misleading impression of Mikhail Khodorkovsky (August 2014). Nick Hordern seemed to have no idea of Khodorkovsky’s ... More

Letters to the Editor

22 July 2014

Just war theory

Dear Editor,

Andrew Alexandra is not persuaded by my defence of war (June–July 2014). I am not persuaded by his attack on it.

First, he compares my ‘permissive’ account of Just War Theory unfavourably with the supposed ‘orthodox’ version, which follows international law in holding that the only j ... More

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