Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - October 2018

Australian Book Review
26 September 2018
On Marilyn Lake's review of Best We Forget by Peter Cochrane ... More

Letters to the Editor - June–July 2018

24 May 2018

On John Arnold's review of The People’s Force: A history of Victoria Police by Robert Haldane; Richard J. Martin’s review of ‘Against Native Title’: Conflict More

Letters to the Editor - April 2018

Australian Book Review
23 March 2018

Comments from John Miller, Barry Oakley, Davd Fitzpatrick, Claire Rhoden, and Robert Wills.


Letters to the Editor - January-February 2018

Australian Book Review
18 December 2017

Dear Editor, your editorial on the issue of marriage equality in the December 2017 edition of ABR was a superb contribution. It reminded me of the worthiness of the expression of More

Letters to the Editor - December 2017

Australian Book Review
22 November 2017

Dear Editor, It was disappointing to read Stephen Mills’s commentary on my recent Making Modern Australia: The Whitlam government’s 21st century agenda (ABR, 11/17). More

Letters to the Editor - November 2017

25 October 2017

Comments from ABR readers, published in the November Arts Issue of Australian Book Review.


Letters to the Editor - October 2017

Australian Book Review
21 September 2017

Marriage equality

See 'The same-sex marriage debate' by Peter Rose

Dear Editor,
How sad it is that the Australian political leadership is so inept, so hostage to minority interests – in this case, those of the conservative Christian variety. This in ... More

Letters to the Editor - June-July 2017

29 May 2017

Raging élites

Dear Editor,
Until the May 2017 issue, ABR had managed to keep its anti-Trump animus relatively subdued, but with More

Letters to the Editor - May 2017

Australian Book Review
28 April 2017


Dear Editor,
All authors are perhaps oversensitive to reviews of their books, but I have never been tempted to quarrel with a reviewer until now. Alan Atkinson’s review of Scurvy: The disease of discovery (April 2017) contains a ... More

Letters to the Editor - April 2017

Austrlian Book Review
23 March 2017

ABR Mar2017Cover 200

Chilcot and Australia

Dear Editor,
We cannot be reminded often enough of the perfidy that led in succession to the Iraq disaster, the continuing débâcle in the Middle Eas ... More

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