Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - June-July 2017

Raging élites

Dear Editor,
Until the May 2017 issue, ABR had managed to keep its anti-Trump animus relatively subdued, but with More

Letters to the Editor - May 2017

Australian Book Review


Dear Editor,
All authors are perhaps oversensitive to reviews of their books, but I have never been tempted to quarrel with a reviewer until now. Alan Atkinson’s review of Scurvy: The disease of discovery (April 2017) contains a ... More

Letters to the Editor - April 2017

Austrlian Book Review

ABR Mar2017Cover 200

Chilcot and Australia

Dear Editor,
We cannot be reminded often enough of the perfidy that led in succession to the Iraq disaster, the continuing débâcle in the Middle Eas ... More

Letters to the Editor - December 2016

Dear Editor, I’m pleased that Peter Craven found so much to enjoy in The Boy behind the Curtain (ABR, December 2016). More

Letters to the Editor - December 2016

Parallel importation

Dear Editor,
I’d like to thank Colin Golvan QC for his intelligent, articulate, and well-argued response to the Productivity Commission report’s proposed changes to parallel importations and fair use, published as both a podcast and a brief commentary by ABR (November 2016 ... More

Letter to the Editor - November 2016

Dear Editor, Sandy Thorne seems to think Donald Trump can restore America to prosperity and its past greatness (Letters, October 2016). All great nations rise, decline, and fall ...


Letters to the Editor - October 2016

Dear Editor, Alan Atkinson's study of national conscience and how it has functioned in Australia is timely ('How Do We Live With Ourselves?' September 2016) ...


Letters to the Editor - September 2016

Dear Editor, Melbourne geographer Peter Christoff may be right that Australia should shake off its island mentality, but he is wrong to suggest that Australia has become much ...


Letters to the Editor - August 2016

Dear Editor, Mark Triffitt's review of George Megalogenis's Australia's Second Chance: What our history tells us about our future and Balancing Act (May 2016) left me ...


Letters to the Editor - May 2016

Letters to the Editor in the May issue of Australian Book Review

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