Henry Hitchings: The Language Wars

Bruce Moore
21 October 2011

Becoffined words

Bruce Moore


The Language Wars: A History of Proper English
by Henry Hitchings
Hodder & Stoughton, $39.99 hb, 408 pp, 9781848542082


Henry Hitchings has written a number of well-received books on aspects of the English language, ... More

Jonathon Green: Green's Dictionary of Slang

Bruce Moore
29 June 2011

No boondoggle

Bruce Moore


Green’s Dictionary of Slang
by Jonathon Green
Chambers, $580 hb, 3 volumes, 6085 pp, 9780550104403


Dictionaries of slang have a history as long as that of dictionaries of Standard English, and both kinds of dictionary ar ... More

Barry J. Blake: Secret Language

Bruce Moore
14 April 2011

Ludic language

Bruce Moore


Secret Language
by Barry J. Blake
Oxford University Press, $24.95 hb, 339 pp, 9780199579280


The ‘secret language’ of the title of this book covers many kinds and levels of secrecy (things hidden and concealed), and a ... More

Bruce Moore reviews 'Colonial Voices: A Cultural History of English in Australia 1840–1940' by Joy Damousi

Bruce Moore
07 December 2010

This is a book about the role of English speech in the creation and spread of British colonialism in Australia, about the eventual disintegration of this imperial speech and its values in More

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