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29 November 2012

ABR Critic in Residence

In one of our major initiatives since the creation of the Calibre Prize and the launch of ABR Online Edition, we will appoint the first ABR Critic in Residence in February. This twelve-month appointment (funded by our Patron ... More

News from the Editor's Desk

29 October 2012

Hard times at the ABC

Why is it that the ABC – which can produce lavish and lamentable ‘entertainments’ such as Randling and Angry Boys – can’t find the money to maintain decently resourced radio drama or book readings. From January 2013, Radio National’s popular Book Reading – now in its sixty-fourth year – will disappear. The ABC has also announce ... More

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27 September 2012

Boyd and beyond

Coming ABR events include another Fireside Chat – this time with Wayne Macauley, author of The Cook (Text), which has been shortlisted for several prizes, including the Melbourne Prize Best Writing Awa ... More

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30 August 2012

Calibre – ‘Body and Soul’

Matt Rubinstein is the overall winner of the sixth Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay. His essay, entitled ‘Body and Soul: Copyright Law and Enforcement in the Age of the Electronic Book’, could not be more timely – a probing, meticulous ... More

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10 July 2012


ABR moves to Southbank

While this issue is printing, we’ll be moving to our new office in Boyd, a wonderful extension of the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program. Adva ... More

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29 May 2012


Miles and the mindset

How refreshing it was to read – on the announcement of the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award’s shortlist – that The Trust Company, which administers the Miles, has written to the judges ‘authorising them to use their discretions to modernise the interpretation ... More

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24 April 2012


New home for ABR


Happily, ABR has a new home, well away from the egregious fashions of Bridge Road, Richmond. Soon we will be moving to a new community hub ... More

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21 March 2012


Peter Porter Poetry Prize

Michael Farrell is the winner of the 2012 Peter Porter Poetry Prize, worth $4000. Our judges, Judith Beveridge and David McCooey, selected his poem, More

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27 February 2012


Enter the Jolley Prize

Exponents of short fiction will have until 31 May to enter the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize. This year’s prize money is divided three ways. The winner will again receive $5000; the two place-getters will receive $2000 and $1000 ... More

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23 January 2012


ABR Fellowship news

Our largest and strongest field to date vied for the latest Australian Book Review Sidney Myer Fund Fellowship, worth $5000. The four judges – Tony Birch, Helen Brack, Colin Golvan, and Peter Rose – chose Sydney ... More

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