Stephen Edgar reviews Poetry Magazine's 'The Open Door'

Stephen Edgar
27 January 2013

‘Reading through a hundred years of Poetry, week after week of issue after issue after issue, some forty thousand poems in all, Don and I, when we weren’t rendered prone and moaning, jolted back and forth between elation and depression.’ So Christian Wiman writes in his introduction to this elating, and never depressing, new anthology celebrating one hu ... More

Ellena Savage reviews 'Island 129: Women'

Ellena Savage
25 September 2012

Editing a ‘women’s edition’ of a literary journal is bound to be fraught with semantic problems. What is women’s writing? By women? About women? As Island ’s fiction editor, Rachel Edwards, editorialises, ‘there is nothing that defines women’s fiction apart from the sex of the author. Nothing!’ The politics of contriving a women’s edition ... More

Rose Lucas reviews 'Australian Poetry Journal Volume 2.1'

Rose Lucas
25 September 2012

Australian Poetry Journal, the biannual publication published by Australian Poetry, offers a national focus for poetry and criticism. It includes contributions from established writers and from new voices. All in all, APJ indicates a cheering and cohering centre of gravity for all things poetic in contemporary Australia.

... More

David Gilbey (ed.): fourW twenty-two

Jay Daniel Thompson
28 August 2012

Jay Daniel Thompson


fourW twenty-two
edited by David Gilbey
fourWpress, $25 pb, 174 pp, 9780958675987



f ourW twenty-two is an initiative of the Booranga Writers’ Centre in Wagga Wagga. This current edition features short stories and ... More

Pera Wells (ed.): Ormond Papers Volume XXVIII

Cassandra Atherton
24 April 2012

Cassandra Atherton


Ormond Papers Volume XXVIII, 2011
edited by Pera Wells
Ormond College, $15 pb, 178 pp, 97543624082


Ormond Papers showcases the academic work of Ormond undergraduates and the wider college community. This volume loosely explores is ... More

James Ley reviews 'Heat: 24'

James Ley
19 April 2011

A declaration of interest is in order. I have twice appeared in the pages of HEAT. I am also in the latter stages of a doctorate, which I have been writing for the past few years under the supervision of HEAT’s editor, Ivor Indyk. Under normal circumstances, I would decline to review a new edition of the journal for these reasons. The latest edit ... More

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