David Walsh's private museum in Hobart

Daniel Thomas
24 May 2011

'It should be so, it must be so'

by Daniel Thomas


David Walsh is a tease; he enjoys wordplay. The founder and owner of the Museum of Old and New Art (he prefers Mona, not MONA) concedes that his private playground is entirely a matter of self-gratification, like ‘the sin of Onan’. Hence the cheeky titles ‘Monanism’ for his ... More

Roslyn Russell: The Business of Nature

John Thompson
24 May 2011

Bird Man from Lyme Regis

John Thompson


The Business of Nature: John Gould and Australia
by Roslyn Russell
National Library of Australia, $49.95 hb, 224 pp, 9780642276995


When the English zoologist John Gould died in London in February 1881, he was ... More

Terry Smith: What is Contemporary Art?

Joanna Mendelssohn
04 May 2011

Czars of the contemporary

Joanna Mendelssohn


What Is Contemporary Art?
by Terry Smith
University of Chicago Press (Footprint Books), $39.95 pb, 329 pp, 9780226764313


At the beginning of his new book, Terry Smith writes that one of the fundamental q ... More

Anne Gray: Face; and Vivien Gaston: The Naked Face

Sheridan Palmer
04 May 2011

Revealing the self

Sheridan Palmer


Face: Australian Portraits 1880–1960
by Anne Gray
National Gallery of Australia, $39.95 pb, 160 pp, 9780642334152


The Naked Face: Self-portraits
by Vivien Gaston
National Galler ... More

David Ellis (ed.): Into the Light

John Thompson
19 April 2011

Radiant light

John Thompson


Into the Light: 150 Years of Cultural Treasures at the University of Sydney
edited by David Ellis
Miegunyah Press, $89.99 pb, 193 pp, 9780522858129


With the centrepiece of its glorious Edmund Blacket building and its nob ... More

Claire Roberts: Friendship in Art

Peter Hill
14 April 2011

Artists confront their Chineseness

Peter Hill


Friendship in Art: Fou Lei and Huang Binhong
by Claire Roberts
Hong Kong University Press, $59.95 hb, 247 pp, 9789888028405


This fascinating book tells of the friendship between two Chinese artists: the ... More

Robert Bell: Ballets Russes

Alan R. Dodge
12 April 2011

The astonishing legacy of Sergei Diaghilev

Alan R. Dodge


Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume
by Robert Bell
National Gallery of Australia, $39.95 pb, 264 pp, 9780642541574


What is it about the Ballets Russes that resonates ... More

Hetti Perkins: art + soul

Ian McLean
07 December 2010

Home truths from Hetti Perkins

Ian McLean


art + soul: A Journey into the World of Aboriginal Art
by Hetti Perkins
Miegunyah Press, $89.99 hb, 305 pp, 9780522857634


Pack the overnighter, put on the black dress – she wears it like a skin – kiss ... More

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