Index for 2020: Nos 418–427 & online features

ABR Index 2020

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2020.

2020 Australian Book Review Index

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ABJORENSEN, Norman, The Manner of Their Going: Prime ministerial exits in Australia, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 418/22, Lyndon Megarrity

ABRIEL, Anita, The Light After the War, Simon & Schuster, 419/29, Susan Midalia

ACKERMAN, Jennifer, The Bird Way: A new look at how birds talk, work, play, parent, and think, Scribe, 423/67, Simon Caterson

ADAMSON, Robert, Reaching Light: Selected Poems, Flood Editions, 427/44, James Jiang

ADIGA, Aravind, Amnesty, Picador, 420/30, Alison Broinowski

AHMAD, Michael Mohammed, After Australia, Affirm Press, 424/25, Declan Fry

ALBISTON, Jordie, Element: The atomic weight & radius of love, Puncher & Wattmann, 422/53, Luke Beesley

ALLEN, Liz, The Future of Us: Demography gets a makeover, NewSouth, 421/55, Peter Mares

ALLEN, Woody, Apropos of Nothing, Arcade Publishing, 422/47, Peter Craven

ALLINGTON, Patrick, Rise & Shine, Scribe, 422/28, Naama Grey-Smith

ALTMAN, Dennis, Unrequited Love: Diary of an accidental activist, Monash University Publishing, 418/60, Sebastian Sharp

AMIS, Martin, Inside Story, Jonathan Cape, 426/32, Declan Fry

APPLEBAUM, Anne, Twilight of Democracy: The failure of politics and the parting of friends, Allen Lane, 42/12, Luke Stegemann

ARNOTT, Robbie, The Rain Heron, Text, 422/31, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

ASHMERE, Emma, Dreams They Forgot, Wakefield Press, 426/35, Rose Lucas

ATHERON, Cassandra and Paul Hetherington (eds), The Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry, 427/45, Des Cowley

BAIR, Deirdre, Parisian Lives: Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir and me, Atlantic Books, 422/24, Ronan McDonald

BANERJEE, Abhijit V. and Esther Duflo, Good Economics for Hard Times: Better answers to our biggest problems, Allen Lane, 423/56, David Throsby

BARRISTER, The Secret, Fake Law: The truth about justice in an age of lies, Picador, 427/53, Kiernan Pender

BAYLISS, Andrew J., The Spartans, Oxford University Press, 424/58, Alastair Blanshard

BEAUMONT, Mandy, Wild Fearless Chests, Hachette, 420/32, Susan Midalia

BECK, Henning, Scatterbrain: How the mind’s mistakes make humans creative, innovative and successful, NewSouth, 419/49, Nick Haslam

BELL, Davina, The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love, Text, 425/32, Thuy On

BENNETT DAYLIGHT, Tegan, The Details: One love, death and reading, Simon & Schuster, 424/67, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

BENNETT, Michael, Pathfinders: A history of Aboriginal trackers in NSW, NewSouth, 421/45, Michael Winkler

BEST, Luke, Cadaver Dog, University of Queensland Press, 427/46, Anders Villani

BLACKFORD, Jenny, The Alpaca Cantos, Pitt Street Poetry, 426/55, James Antoniou

BLAND, Ben, Man of Contradictions: Joko Widodo and the struggle to remake Indonesia, Penguin, 426/19, Ken Ward

BLAY, John, Wild Nature: Walking Australia’s south east forests, NewSouth, 426/21, Saskia Beudel

BOLTON, John, A White House memoir, Simon & Schuster, 425/10, Timothy J. Lynch

BOND, Catherine, Law in War: Freedom and restriction in Australia during the Great War, NewSouth, 422/15, Kieran Pender

BOYD, William, Trio, Viking, 425/28, Michael Shmith

BOYLE, Peter, Enfolded in the Wings of a Great Darkness, Vagabond Press, 420/39, David McCooey

BRADLEY, James. Ghost Species, Hamish Hamilton, 421/35, J.R. Burgmann

BRETT, Judith, The Coal Curse: Resources, climate and Australia’s future (Quarterly Essay 78), Blank Inc., 424/27, Cameron Muir

BRIERLEY, Sue, Lioness: The extraordinary untold story of Sue Brierley, mother of Saroo, the boy known as Lion, Viking, 426/53, Margaret Robson Kett

BRINSDEN, Anne, Wearing Paper Dresses, Macmillan, 419/29, Susan Midalia

BROINOWSKI, Richard, Under the Rainbow: The life and times of E.W. Cole, Miegunyah Press, 425/42, Jim Davidson

BROOKS, David, The Grass Library, Brandl & Schlesinger, 420/48, Ben Brooker

BROWN, Craig, One Two Three Four: The Beatles in time, Fourth Estate, 423/63, Andrew Ford

BROWNE, Peter and Seumas Spark (eds), ‘I Wonder’: The life and work of Ken Inglis, Monash University Publishing, 421/31, Nicholas Brown

BRYANT, Katerina, Hysteria, NewSouth, 421/42, Rachel Robertson

BUCCOLA, Nicholas, The Fire Is Upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the debate over race in America, Princeton University Press, 420/20, Samuel Watts

BUIST, Anne, The Long Shadow, Text, 421/39, David Whish-Wilson

BUNGEY, Darleen, Daddy Cool: Finding my father, the singer who swapped Hollywood fame for home in Australia, Allen & Unwin, 422/48, Tali Lavi

BYRNE, Liam, Becoming John Curtin and James Scullin: The making of the modern Labor Party, Melbourne University Press, 422/11, Frank Bongiorno

CALLIL, Carmen, Oh Happy Day: Those times and these times, Jonathan Cape, 426/18, Brenda Niall

CAREY, John (ed.), A Little History of Poetry, Yale, 422/56, Chris Wallace-Crabbe

CARLISLE, Claire (ed.), translated by George Eliot, Spinoza’s Ethics, Princeton University Press, 424/47, Moira Gatens

CARMENT, Tim, Womerah Lane: Lives and landscapes, Giramondo, 418/14, Susan Wyndham

CARTER, Zachary D., The Price of Peace: Money, democracy and the life of John Maynard Keynes, Random House, 426/48, John Tang

CHAMEDES, Giuliana, A Twentieth-Century Crusade: The Vatican’s battle to remake Christian Europe, Harvard, 419/16, Paul Collins

CHO, Catherine, Inferno: A memoir, Bloomsbury, 423/65, Caitlin McGregor

CLANCHY, John, In Whom We Trust, Finlay Lloyd, 418/42, Susan Lever

CLARKE, Susanna, Piranesi, Bloomsbury, 425/31, Kirsten Tranter

CLODE, Danielle, In Search of the Woman Who Sailed the World, Picador, 427/16, Gemma Betros

COAFFEE, Jon, Future Proof: How to build resilience in an uncertain world, Yale, 418/18, Tom Bamforth

COLEMAN, Aidan, Mount Sumptuous, Wakefield Press, 423/61, James Jiang

COLEY, Sam, State Highway One, Hachette, 422/35, Chloë Cooper

CONTE, Steven, The Tolstoy Estate, Fourth Estate, 425/26, James Antoniou

COOK, Nick, Fighting for Our Lives: The history of a community response to AIDS, NewSouth, 412/32, Garry Wotherspoon

COOKE, Richard, On Robyn Davidson: Writers on Writers, Black Inc., 422/18, Sophie Cunningham

CORRIS, Peter, selected by Jean Bedford, See You at the Toxteth: The best of Cliff Hardy and Corris on crime, Allen & Unwin, 418/41, Chris Flynn

COUPE, Stuart, Paul Kelly: The man, the music and the life in-between, Hachette Australia, 424/20, Kerryn Goldsworthy

CRAWFORD, Richard, Summertime: George Gershwin’s Life in music, W.W. Norton & Company, 423/62, Paul Kildea

CROGGON, Alison, The Threads of Magic, Walker Books, 422/33, Margaret Robson Kett

CRONIN, MTC, God is Waiting in the World’s Yard, Puncher & Wattmann, 422/53, Luke Beesley

DALTON, Trent, All Out Shimmering Skies, Fourth Estate, 426/37, Susan Wyndham

DALZIELL, Tanya, Gail Jones: Word, image, ethics, Sydney University Press, 424/44, Sue Kossew

DAPIRAN, Antony, City on Fire: The fight for Hong Kong, Scribe, 423/64, Will Higginbotham

DARBY, Andrew, Flight Lines: Across the globe on a journey with the astonishing ultramarathon birds, Allen & Unwin, 419/48, Andrew Fuhrmann

DAVIS, Lydia, Essays One, Hamish Hamilton, 420/23, Shannon Burns

DAWSON, Emma and Janet McCalman (eds), What Happens Next? Reconstructing Australia after Covid-19, MUP, 427/8, Morag Fraser

de ASSIS, Machado (translated by Flora Thomson-DeVeaux), The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas, Penguin Classics, 425/30, Andrew McLeod

de SAINT PHALLE, Catherine, The Sea and Us, Transit Lounge, 418/39, Susan Midalia

de WIND, Eddy (translated by David Colmer), Last Stop Auschwitz: My story of survival from within the camp, Doubleday, 420/45, Elisabeth Holdsworthy

DEACON, Desley, Judith Anderson: Australian star, first lady of the American stage, Kerr Publishing, 419/51, John Rickard

DeLillo, Don, The Silence: A novel, Picador, 427/38, Don Anderson

DESSAIX, Robert, The Time of Our Lives: Growing older well, Brio Books, 425/37, Francesca Sasnaitis

DIBBLE, Jeremy (ed.) and Julian Horton (ed.), British Music Criticism and Intellectual Thought 1850–1950, Boydell Press, 420/51, Peter Tregear

DISHER, Garry, Peace, Text, 418/36, David Whish-Wilson

DOOLEY, Gillian and Danielle Clode, The First Wave: Exploring early coastal contact history in Australia, Wakefield Press, 418/11, Alexandra Roginski

DRIVER, Dorothy, A Book of Friends: In honour of J.M. Coetzee on his 80th birthday, Text, 423/15, Paul Giles

DRY, Sarah, Waters of the World: The story of the scientist who unravelled the mysteries of our oceans, atmosphere, and ice sheets and made the planet whole, Scribe, 420/37, Michael Adams

DUFTY, David, Radio Girl: The story of the extraordinary Mrs Mac, pioneering engineer and wartime legend, Allen & Unwin, 422/45, Jacqueline Kent

DUGGAN, Laurie, Homer Street, Giramondo, 424/53, Tim Wright

EBNER, Julia, Going Dark: The secret social lives of extremists, Bloomsbury, 420/17, Andrew Broertjes

EISEN, Cliff and Dominic McHugh (eds), The Letters of Cole Porter, Yale, 420/18, Paul Kildea

ELLIOTT, Helen (ed.), Grandmothers: Essays by 21st-century grandmothers, Text, 422/50, Kerryn Goldsworthy

ELVERY, Laura, Ordinary Matter, University of Queensland Press, 424/35, Susan Midalia

ENNIS, Helen, Olive Cotton: A life in photography, Fourth Estate, 418/23, Alison Stieven-Taylor

ENRIGHT, ANNE, Actress, Jonathan Cape, 419/21, Alice Nelson

ERDRICH, Louise, The Nightwatchman, Corsair, 419/20, Beejay Silcox

EVANS, Alison, Euphoria Kids, Echo, 422/33, Margaret Robson Kett

FAHEY, John, Traitors and Spies: Espionage and corruption in high places in Australia, 1901–1905, Allen & Unwin, 425/13, Sheila Fitzpatrick

FARRELL, Michael, Family Trees, Giramondo, 422/53, Luke Beesley

FEAVER, William, The Lives of Lucian Freud: Fame, 1968–2011, Bloomsbury, 427/61, Ian Dickson

FENNELL, Jonathan, Fighting the People’s War: The British and Commonwealth armies and the Second World War, Cambridge University Press, 421/48, David Horner

FERRANTE, Elena, The Lying Life of Adults, Allen & Unwin, 426/30, Beejay Silcox

FIDJESTØL, Alfred, Almost Human: A biography of Julius the chimpanzee, Hachette, 418/23, Nicholas Bugeja

FIDLER, Richard, The Golden Maze: A biography of Prague, ABC Books, 425/59, Christopher Menz

FIELD, Caroline, Australian Galleries: The Purves family business: The first four decades 1956–1999, Australian Galleries, 420/53, Sheridan Palmer

FIELD, Vern, Island 159, Island Magazine, 423/68, Rayne Allinson

FIGES, Orlando, The Europeans: Three lives and the making of a cosmopolitan culture, Allen Lane, 418/30, Michael Shmith

FINLAYSON, Julie D. and Frances Morphy (eds), Ethnographer and Contrarian: Biographical ad anthropological essays in honour of Peter Sutton, Wakefield Press, 427/56, Stephen Bennetts

FIRKIN, Katherine, Sticks and Stones, Bantam, 424/36, David Whish-Wilson

FLANAGAN, Richard, The Living Sea of Waking Dreams, Knopf, 426/28, James Ley

FLANDERS, Judith, A Place for Everything: The curious history of alphabetical order, Picador, 424/60, Andrew Connor

FLANNERY, Tim, Life: Selected writings, Text, 418/15, Libby Robin

FLYNN, Chris, Mammoth, University of Queensland Press, 421/36, Astrid Edwards

FORD, Andrew and Anni Heino, The Song Remains the Same: 800 years of love songs, laments and lullabies, La Trobe University Press, 419/65, David McCooey

FORD, Richard, Sorry for Your Trouble, Bloomsbury, 423/32, Don Anderson

FRAME, Tom (ed.), Trials and Transformations, 2001–2004: The Howard government, Volume III, UNSW Press, 422/43, Lyndon Megarrity

FRASER, Nick, Say What Happened: A story of documentaries, Faber, 419/52, Belinda Smaill

FUREDI, Frank, How Fear Works: Culture of fear in the twenty-first century, Bloomsbury, 420/47, Adrian Walsh

FURTADO, Peter, Great Cities Through Travellers’ Eyes, Thames & Hudson, 420/25, Nicole Abadee

GARDINI, Nicola, Long Live Latin: The pleasures of a useless language, Profile, 421/51, Alastair Blanshard

GARDNER, Angela, Some Sketchy Notes on Matter, Recent Work Press, 427/46, Anders Villani

GARNER, Helen, One Day I’ll Remember This: Diaries 1987–1995, Text, 427/11, Nicholas Jose

GAWENDA, Michael, The Power Broker: Mark Leibler, an Australian Jewish life, Monash University Publishing, 426/47, David Trigger

GELDER, Ken and Rachael Weaver, The Colonial Kangaroo Hunt, Miegunyah, 423/53, Danielle Close

GEVISSER, Mark, The Pink Line: The world’s queer frontiers, Profile Books, 424/10, Dennis Altman

GILLARD, Julia and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Women and Leadership: Real lives, real lessons, Vintage, 424/8, Megan Clement

GILLETT, Ross, The Mirror Hurlers, Puncher & Wattmann, 422/54, Geoff Page

GOAD, Philip et al., Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond: Transforming education through art, design and architecture, Miegunyah, 420/52, Christopher Menz

GOLDIN, Megan, The Night Swim, Michael Joseph, 424/36, David Whish-Wilson

GOLDSWORTHY, Anna, Melting Moments, Black Inc., 419/29, Susan Midalia

GOODFELLOW, Geoff, Out of Copley Street: A working-class boyhood, Wakefield Press, 427/18, Jay Daniel Thompson

GOPNIK, Blake, Warhol: A life as art, Allen Lane, 423/18, Paul McDermott

GORMAN, Clem and Therese Gorman, Intrépide: Australian women artists in early twentieth-century France, Monash University Press, 422/65, Jane Sullivan

GORNICK, Vivian, The Romance of American Communism, Verso, 427/67, Naish Gawen

GORRA, Michael, The Saddest Words: William Faulkner’s Civil War, Liveright, 427/29, Paul Giles

GREEN, Jonathan, Meanjin Quarterly: Volume 79, Issue 2, Melbourne University Press, 423/68, Elizabeth Bryer

GREEN, Jonathon, Sounds and Furies: The love–hate relationship between women and slang, Robinson, 420/26, Amanda Laugesen

GREEN, Karen, Catharine Macaulay’s Republican Enlightenment, Routledge, 425/63, Janna Thompson

GREENSLADE, Francis, How I Learnt to Act: On the way to not going to drama school, Currency Press, 419/66, Tim Byrne

GRENVILLE, Kate, A Room Made of Leaves, Text, 424/30, Don Anderson

GUENIFFEY, Patrice (translated by Steven Rendall), Napoleon and de Gaulle: Heroes and history, Harvard University Press, 427/55, Peter McPhee

GUILLAUME, Jenna, You Were Made for Me, Pan Macmillan, 425/32, Thuy On

HAMILTON, Clive and Mareike Ohlberg, Hidden Hand: Exposing how the Chinese Communist Party is reshaping the world, Hardie Grant Books, 424/7, Ben Bland

HANNAN, Victoria, Kokomo, Hachette, 423/31, Jane Sullivan

HARDCASTLE, Sophie, Below Deck, Allen & Unwin, 420/49, Astrid Edwards

HAYES, Nick, The Book of Trespass: Crossing the lines that divide us, Bloomsbury, 427/63, Gregory Day

HAZZARD, Shirley, The Collected Stories of Shirley Hazzard, Virago, 427/34, Brenda Niall

HEFFER, Simon, Staring at God: Britain in the Great War, Random House, 420/15, Joan Beaumont

HENNESSY, Peter, Winds of Change: Britain in the early sixties, Allen Lane, 418/29, Glyn Davis

HILL, Barry, Eagerly We Burn: Selected poems 1980–2018, Shearsman Books, 420/41, Geoff Page

HINTON, Hilde, The Loudness of Unsaid Things, Hachette, 420/33, Naama Grey-Smith

HOARE, Judith, The Woman Who Cracked the Anxiety Code: The extraordinary life of Dr Claire Weekes, Scribe, 42046, Carol Middleton

HOFFMAN, Adina, Ben Hecht: Fighting words, moving pictures, Yale University Press, 418/62, Aaron Nyerges

HOLBROOK, Carolyn (ed.) and Keir Reeves (ed.), The Great War: Aftermath and commemoration, UNSW Press, 420/14, Kate Ariotti

HOLLAND, Eva, Nerve: A personal journey through the science of fear, Pantera Press, 424/64, Diane Stubbings

HORTON, Luke, The Fogging, Scribe, 423/33, Fiona Wright

IMMERWAHR, Daniel, How to Hide an Empire: A short history of the greater United States, Bodley Head, 418/47, Andrew Broertjes

INGLIS, Ken et al., Dunera Lives, Volume II, Monash University Publishing, 425/14, Adam Wakeling

IRVING, Terry, The Fatal Lure of Politics: The life and thought of Vere Gordon Childe, Monash University Publishing, 423/26, Jon Piccini

JACCARD, Mark, The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success: Overcoming myths that hinder progress, Cambridge University Press, 422/52, Natalie Osborne

JAIRETH, Subhash, Spinoza’s Overcoat: Travels with writers and poets, Transit Lounge, 422/44, Dan Dixon

JAKU, Eddie, The Happiest Man on Earth, Macmillan, 425/35, Tali Lavi

JAMES, Clive, Somewhere Becoming Rain: Collected writings on Philip Larkin, Picador, 419/32, Geoff Page

JANACZEWSKA, Noëlle, Scratchland, UWAP, 426/55, James Antoniou

JANSON, Julie, Benevolence, Magabala Books, 423/35, Jessica Urwin

JENNINGS, Kathleen, Flyaway, Picador, 426/31, Georgia White

JOHNSTON, Martin, Beautiful Objects: Selected Poems, Ligature, 427/43, John Hawke

JONES, Gail, Our Shadows, Text, 425/22, Sue Kossew

JONES, Peter, Vox Populi: Everything you wanted to know about the classical world but were afraid to ask, Atlantic, 421/51, Alastair Blanshard

JOSEPHSON, Paul R., Chicken: A history from farmyard to factory, Polity, 424/65, Ben Brooker

KAPLAN, James, Irving Berlin: New York genius, Yale, 421/63, Andrew Ford

KARSKENS, Grace, People of the River: Lost worlds of early Australia, Allen & Unwin, 426/7, Alan Atkinson

KATZEN, Hayley, Untethered, Ventura Press, 422/46, Susan Varga

KEANE, John, The New Despotism, Harvard, 422/10, Glyn Davis

KELEN, Stephen K., A Happening in Hades, Puncher & Wattmann, 423/61, James Jiang

KELLY, Paul (ed.), Love is Strong as Death: Poems chosen by Paul Kelly, Hamish Hamilton, 419/40, Kerryn Goldsworthy

KENEALLY, Meg, The Wreck, Echo, 427/35, Pip Smith

KENEALLY, Tom, The Dickens Boy, Vintage, 420/29, Georgie Williamson

KENT, Jacqueline, Vida: A woman for our time, Viking, 425/34, Sylvia Martin

KEYSSAR, Alexander, Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College?, Harvard University Press, 424/13, Varun Ghosh

KHADER, Serene J., Decolonizing Universalism: A transnational feminist ethic, Oxford University Press, 418/51, Daniel Halliday

KINSELLA, John, Displaced: A rural life, Transit Lounge, 424/61, Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

KIRK, Edwin, The Genes That Make Us: Human stories from a revolution in medicine, Scribe, 425/60, Diane Stubbings

KNOX, Malcolm, Bluebird, Allen & Unwin, 425/29, Jo Case

Koestenbaum, Wayne, Figure It Out: Essays, Soft Skull Press, 424/24, Keegan O’Connor

KOVAL, Ramona, A Letter to Layla: Travels to our deep past and near future, Text, 426/60, Danielle Clode

KRUIMINK, K.M., A Treacherous Country, Allen & Unwin, 422/29, Nicole Abadee

LAGUNA, Sofie, Infinite Splendours, Allen & Unwin, 426/34, Nicole Abadee

LAWSON, Valerie, Dancing Under the Southern Skies: A history of ballet in Australia, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 418/66, Luke Forbes

LE HUNTE, Bem, Elephants with Headlights, Transit Lounge, 422/31, Declan Fry

LEBRECHT, Norman, Genius and Anxiety: How Jews changed the world, 1847–1947, Oneworld, 423/54, Tali Lavi

LEE, Bri, Beauty, Allen & Unwin, 418/44, Suzy Freeman-Greene

LEE, Daniel, The SS Officer’s Armchair: In search of a hidden life, Jonathan Cape, 426/58, Robert Dessaix

LEE, Hermione, Tom Stoppard: A life, Knopf, 427/17, Geordie Williamson

LEE, Janet, Fallen Among Reformers: Miles Franklin, modernity and the New Woman, Sydney University Press, 424/46, Susan Sheridan

LEFEVRE, Carol, Murmurations, Spinifex Press, 423/34, Josephine Taylor

LENNAN, Jo, In the Time of Foxes, Scribner, 424/31, Debra Adelaide

LERNER, Ben, The Topeka School, Granta, 418/34, Johanna Leggatt

LEVER Susan, Creating Australian Television Drama: A screenwriting history, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 425/51, Moya Costello

LI, Mary, Mary’s Last Dance: The untold story of the wife of Mao’s Last Dancer, Viking, 427/62, Jacqueline Kent

LILLEY, Kate, Tilt, Vagabond, 425/56, Anders Villani

LINZ, Talia and Michelle Newton (eds), Mel O’Callaghan: Centre of the Centre, Artspace Confort Moderne and UQ Art Museum, 421/58, Julie Ewington

LLORET, Bruno (translated by Ellen Jones), Nancy, Giramondo, 424/37, Elizabeth Bryer

LOHREY, Amanda, The Labyrinth, Text, 424/32, Morag Fraser

MABBERLEY, David J., Botanical Revelation: European encounters with Australian plants before Darwin, NewSouth, 419/46, Danielle Close

MACDONALD, Helen, Vesper Flights: New and collected essays, Jonathan Cape, 424/66, Andrew Fuhrmann

MACHADO, Carmen Maria, In the Dream House: A memoir, Serpent’s Tail, 419/34, Zora Simic

MACKENZIE, Jennifer, Navigable Ink, Transit Lounge, 423/61, James Jiang

MACLEAN, Kama, British India, White Australia: Overseas Indians, intercolonial relations and the Empire, UNSW Press, 423/25, Chris Wallace

MACRIS, Anthony, Aftershocks: Selected writings and interviews, UWAP, 419/18, Kári Gíslason

MAIDEN, Jennifer, The Espionage Act: New poems, Quemar Press, 419/41, James Jiang

MAIDEN, Samantha, Party Animals: The secret history of a Labor fiasco, Viking, 421/30, Paul Williams

MANNING, Paddy, Body Count: How climate change is killing us (Second Edition), Simon & Schuster, 425/47, Timothy Neale

MANNIX, Anthony, The Toy of the Spirit, Puncher & Wattmann, 421/60, Barnaby Smith

MARANTZ, Andrew, Antisocial: How online extremists broke America, Picador, 420/17, Andrew Broertjes

MARGARET, Bearman, We Were Never Friends, Brio, 424/34, Mindy Gill

MARSHALL, Wayne, Shirl, Affirm Press, 420/32, Susan Midalia

MARTIN, Adrian, Mysteries of Cinema: Reflections on film theory, history and culture, UWA Publishing, 424/62, Nicholas Bugeja

MARTIN, Sylvia, Sky Swimming: Reflection on auto/biography, people and place, UWA Publishing, 423/66, Sarah Walker

MARTINKUS, John, The Road: Uprising in West Papua, Black Inc., 424/11, Kieran Pender

MASLEN, Kylie, Show Me Where It Hurts: Living with invisible illness, Text, 426/52, Kate Crowcroft

MASON, Meg, Sorrow and Bliss, Fourth Estate, 427/37, Alexandra Philp

MAYOR, Thomas, Finding the Heart of the Nation: The journey of the Uluru Statement towards voice, treaty and truth, Hardie Grant Books, 418/12, David Trigger

MAZZA, Donna, Fauna, Allen & Unwin, 422/35, Rosalind Moran

McConaghy, Charlotte, The Last Migration, Hamish Hamilton, 423/30, J.R. Burgmann

McGREGOR, Russell, Idling in Green Places: A life of Alex Chisholm, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 418/26, Danielle Clode

McKAY, Laura Jean, The Animals in That Country, Scribe, 421/38, Ben Brooker

McKINNEY, Meredith (ed.), Travels with a Painting Brush: Classical Japanese travel writing from the Manyōshū to Bashō, Penguin, 418/10, Barry Hill

McNEILL, Sophie, We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know: Dispatches from an age of impunity, ABC Books, 421/50, Thomas McGee

McPHEE, Justin T., Spinning the Secrets of State: Politics and intelligence in Australia, Monash University Publishing, 427/13, Peter Edwards

McPHEE-BROWNE, Laura, Cherry Beach, Text, 421/53, Chloë Cooper

McTiernan, Dervla, The Good Turn, HarperCollins, 420/35, Kirsten Tranter

MEACHAM, Jon, His Truth is Marching On: John Lewis and the power of hope, 427/51, Varun Ghosh

MEXTED, Kathy, Australian Women Pilots: Amazing true stories of women in the air, NewSouth, 427/64, Jay Daniel Thompson

MILDENHALL, Kate, The Mother Fault, Simon & Schuster, 427/41, Amy Baillieu

MILLER, Alex, Max, Allen & Unwin, 425/36, Jane Sullivan

MITCHELL, David, Utopia Avenue, Sceptre, 424/33, James Bradley

MOALEM, Sharon, The Better Half: On the genetic superiority of women, Allen Lane, 422/51, Zora Simic

MOLITORISZ, Sacha, Net Privacy: How we can be free in an age of surveillance, NewSouth, 422/42, Alex Tighe

MONAGHAN, Paul and Michael Walsh (eds), More Than Mere Words: Essays on language and linguistics in honour of Peter Sutton, Wakefield Press, 427/56, Stephen Bennetts

MORALES, Helen, Antigone Rising: The subversive power of the ancient myths, Wildfire, 425/46, Greta Hawes

MORAN, Mark and Jodie Curth-Bibb (eds), Too Close to Ignore, Melbourne University Press, 424/11, Kieran Pender

MORRISON, Fiona, Christina Stead and the Matter of America, Sydney University Press, 419/33, Anne Pender

MUELLER, Tom, Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an age of fraud, Atlantic Books, 421/15, Kiernan Pender

MULLINS, Patrick, The Trials of Portnoy: How Penguin brought down Australia’s censorship system, Scribe, 422/17, James Ley

NEWSTOK, Scott, How to Think Like Shakespeare: Lessons from a Renaissance education, Princeton University Press, 424/57, David McInnis

NIALL, Brenda, Friends and Rivals: Four great Australian writers, Text, 421/28, Kerryn Goldsworthy

NOSKE, Catherine, The Salt Madonna, Picador, 419/26, Felicity Plunkett

NOWRA, Louis, Collected Stories, Arden, 419/25, Gerard Windsor

NUNEZ, Sigrid, What Are You Going Through: A novel, Virago, 427/40, Brenda Walker

O’BEIRNE, Sean, A Couple of Things Before the End, Black Inc., 420/32, Susan Midalia

O’NEILL, Betty, The Other Side of Absence: Discovering my father’s secrets, Ventura Press, 426/13, Iva Glisic

OCHOA, Gabriel García, The Hypermarket, LCG Media, 420/36, Cassandra Atherton

OGLE, Susan and Melanie Joosten (eds), A Lasting Conversation: Stories on ageing, 422/50, Kerryn Goldsworthy

ORD, Toby, The Precipice: Existential risk and the future of humanity, Bloomsbury, 427/59, Robert Sparrow

ORESKES, Naomi, Why Trust Science?, Princeton University Press, 421/44, Diane Stubbings

OVENDON, Richard, Burning the Books: A history of knowledge under attack, John Murray, 425/53, Simon Caterson

PAGE, Tony, Anh and Lucien, UWAP, 426/55, James Antoniou

PATRICK, Aaron, The Surprise Party: How the coalition went from chaos to comeback, Black Inc., 418/19, Shaun Crowe

PERLSTEIN, Rick, Reaganland: America’s right turn 1976–-1980, Simon & Schuster, 427/52, Andrew Broertjes

PERRY, Kyle, The Bluffs, Michael Joseph, 424/36, David Whish-Wilson

PERSSE, Jonathan, David Campbell: A life of the poet, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 424/16, Philip Mead

PHAM, Vivian, The Coconut Children, Vintage, 420/36, Sonia Nair

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2020 Features Index

ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.


DICKSON, Ian, ‘Applause, Applause: The education of an operamane’, 422/48


A Hidden Life (Fox Searchlight Pictures / Disney), Jordan Prosser, online only

Hearts and Bones (Madman), 422/61, Jordan Prosser

Mank (Netflix), Barnaby Smith, online only

Mrs. America (Hulu/FX), Jordan Prosser, online only

Mystery Road (Bunya Productions), 423/71, Jordan Prosser

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Madman Films), Richard Leathem, online only

Ratched (Netflix), 426/63, Tim Byrne

The Boys in the Band (Netflix), 426/62, Dennis Altman

The Lighthouse (A24), Andrew Nette, online only

The Plot Against America (HBO), 422/67, Ben Brooker

The Professor and the Madman (Transmission Films), Barnaby Smith, online only

The Social Dilemma (Netflix), 425/16, Josh Krook

The Truth (Palace), 418/71, Felicity Chaplin

True History of the Kelly Gang (Stan), 419/63, Jordan Prosser

Uncut Gems (Netflix), Jack Callil, online only


Messe de Minuit (Pinchgut Opera), Michael Halliwell, online only

Requiem (Festival d’Aix/Adelaide Festival), 421/62, Michael Morley

Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration, (, 422/59, Tim Byrne

The Sound of History: Beethoven, Napoleon and Revolution (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra), Peter Tregear, online only


Attila (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

Così fan tutte (WA Opera), Humphrey Bower, online only

Fidelio (Melbourne Opera), 419/63, Elizabeth Kertesz

Fidelio (West Australian Symphony Orchestra/Asher Fisch), Will Yeoman, online only

La Bohème (Opera Australia), Peter Rose, online only

Requiem (Adelaide Festival), Michael Morley, online only

Salome (Victorian Opera), 420/56, Michael Shmith

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, (State Opera South Australia), Ben Brooker, online only 


Cock, Cock … Who’s There? (Adelaide Festival), 422/66, Tali Lavi

Crunch Time (Ensemble Theatre), Seán Maroney, online only

Emerald City (MTC/Queensland Theatre), 420/58, Diane Stubbings

Home, I’m Darling (Melbourne Theatre Company), Diane Stubbings , online only

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (Belvoir St Theatre), 419/60, Susan Lever

My Brilliant Career (Belvoir St Theatre), Polly Simons, online only

Oklahoma! (Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA), Francesca Saisnatis, online only

Packer & Sons (Belvoir St Theatre), 418/67, Ian Dickson

The Curtain (fortyfivedownstairs), 420/57, Fiona Gruber

The Deep Blue Sea (Sydney Theatre Company), 419/61, Ian Dickson

The Doctor (Almeida Theatre/Adelaide Festival), Michael Morley, online only

The Doll (State Opera South Australia), 427/64, Ben Brooker

The Feather in the Web (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), Laura Hartnell, online only

The Great Australian Play (Theatre Works), Sarah Walker, online only

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Sydney Theatre Company), Ian Dickson, online only

Torch the Place (Melbourne Theatre Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Wonnangatta (Sydney Theatre Company), 426/61, Ian Dickson

Visual Arts

Assembled: The Art of Robert Klippel, (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 420/59, Patrick McCaughey

Feedback Loops (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), Diego Ramirez, online only

Hugh Ramsay (National Gallery of Victoria), 418/69, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Keith Haring/Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines (National Gallery of Victoria), 418/68, Sophie Knezic

Looking Glass: Judy Watson and Yhonnie Scarce (TarraWarra Museum of Art), Saskia Beudel, online only

Streeton (Art Gallery of New South Wales), Julie Ewington, online only

Tim, (Museum of Old and New Art), 421/59, Rayne Allinson

Book Talk

‘Diversity and Australian Literary Studies’, online only

‘PEN Melbourne supports Belarusian PEN and Svetlana Alexievich’, online only

‘Q&A with Monash intern Bernd Faveere’, online only

ADABEE, Nicole, ‘A perfect storm: Promoting new books in a time of isolation’, online only

GIANNOUKOS, Tina, ‘Two new poetry series: MPU and the year of the pandemic’, online only

HAWKE, John, ‘Poetry and Australian Book Review’, online only

LIN, Chris, ‘The Case for Myanmar’s Peacock Generation’, online only

ROSE, Peter, ‘Australian Book Review and the Australia Council’, online only

Essays and Commentary

ARCHER, Robyn, ‘“I spoke to many people and listened”: On living in a time of Covid-19’, 421/11

BLACK, Joshua, ‘After the waves: A tribute to a pioneering Labor feminist’, 426/50

FRICKER, David, ‘Questions of access: The National Archives responds to Jenny Hocking’s articles on the “Palace letters”’, 421/13

GRIFFITHS, Tom, ‘Season of Reckoning’, 419/9

HOCKING, Jenny, ‘At Her Majesty’s pleasure: Sir John Kerr and the royal dismissal secrets’, 420/8

HOLMES, David, ‘Listening to the science: Coronavirus and climate change’, 426/54

HOLMES, David, ‘Suddenly last summer: The politics of climate change in Australia’, 419/36

HUGHES-d’AETH, Tony, ‘Thinking in a regional accent: New ways of contemplating Australian writers’, 426/24

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Blankety-blank: The art of the euphemism’, 427/49

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Coronaspeak: Tracking language in a pandemic’, 422/40

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Crisis lexicon’, 419/17

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Whither wowser?’, 418/43

LEATHEM, Richard, ‘Celluloid Clouds: Cinema’s future in Australia’, 427/65

LEGGATT, Johanna, ‘New deserts: A worrying portent for our democracy’, 420/21

MUNZ, Martin, ‘Slurring a good name: The pitfalls of careless scholarship’, 426/12

REES, Yves, ‘Surging into the spotlight: Writing trans and gender-diverse lives’, 419/54

ROSE, Peter, ‘First the pandemic, then the Australia Council’, 421/1

STEVENS, Lara, ‘Acts of intimate banality: Questioning the axing of Casey Jenkin’s grant’, 427/50

TOCHKA, Nicholas, ‘“Fear of the latent germ”: Government versus artists during the Spanish Flu’, 422/60

WALKER, Sarah, ‘Contested breath: The ethics of assembly in an age of absurdity’, 422/20

WOOD, Robert, ‘Rights and responsibilities: Literary journals and freedom of expression’, 422/41

Fellowship Essays

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘Failures of imagination: A journey from Tehran’s prisons to Australia’s immigration detention centres’, 426/39

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘Notes on a pandemic: How society has responded to Covid-19’, 421/18


Calibre Essay Prize

MIDDLETON, Kate, ‘The Dolorimeter’, 424/48

REES, Yves, ‘Reading the mess backwards’, 422/36

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

BROWN, Lachlan, ‘Precision Signs’, 418/54

COLEMAN, Claire G., ‘That Wadjela Tongue’, 418/56

GILLETT, Ross, ‘South Coast Sonnets’, 418/57

JOHNSON, Frances A., ‘My Father’s Thesaurus’, 418/53

MANNING, Julie, ‘Constellation of Bees’, 418/55

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

GARROW, C.J., ‘Egg Timer’, 423/36

HOLLANDER, Simone, ‘Hieroglyph’, 423/41

SAUNDERS, Mykaela, ‘River Story’, 423/45



Open Page

ALLINGTON, Patrick, 423/69

BRADLEY, James, 421/56

CERIDWEN, Dovey, 418/64

CLODE, Danielle, 427/42

FIDLER, Richard, 425/62

FORD, Andrew, 419/58

LOHREY, Amanda, 424/40

PYBUS, Cassandra, 420/54

SILVEY, Craig, 426/38

Poet of the Month

ALIZADEH, Ali, 420/42

BISHOP, Judith, 426/57

DUGGAN, Laurie, 424/55

Publisher of the Month

CURRY, Jane, 419/38

GRANT, Sandy, 425/45

Critic of the Month

GILES, Paul, 427/32



BEAVER, Bruce, ‘Sonnet for Dr Michael Kennedy’, 424/28

BEVERIDGE, Judith, ‘The Slaughter’, 427/21

BISHOP, Judith, ‘Portraits of the Future’, 426/22

BOYLE, Peter, ‘Crowded Out’, 423/58

DAY, Sarah, ‘To Hassan’, 426/46       

EDGAR, Stephen, ‘Dawn Solo’, 422/16

FITCH, Toby, ‘New Work Metaphorics’, 426/56

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, ‘Vegas’, 419/30

GORTON, Lisa, ‘On the Characterisation of Male Poets’ Mothers’, 421/46

HARWOOD, Gwen, ‘Carnal Knowledge I’, 422/26

HENRY, Brian, ‘Same Mind’, 425/20

HOFMANN, Michael, ‘Charm for 2020’, 424/26

KANE, Paul, ‘In the Luxembourg Gardens’, 421/16

KLEE, Louis, ‘Actually Existing Australia’, 425/38

LILLEY, Kate, ‘For Noting’, 425/52

MALOUF, David, ‘A Grace Note’, 423/17

ROSE, Peter, ‘Come, Memory’, 420/16

RULE, Belinda, ‘Birds’, 419/13

RYAN, Gig, ‘Fortune’s Favours’, 421/29

RYAN, Gig, ‘Simaetha’, 427/48          

SAVIGE, Jaya, ‘Bach to the Fuchsia’, 422/34

WALLACE-CRABBE, Chris, ‘We Play and Hope’, 420/40

WATTISON, Meredith, ‘Votive’, 424/45


Books of the Year

ALIZADEH, Ali, 427/23     

ANDERSON, Don, 427/23

BIRCH, Tony, 427/23

BONGIORNO, Frank, 427/23

BRETT, Judith, 427/23

DAY, Gregory, 427/23

FRASER, Morag, 427/23

FRY, Declan, 427/23

GILES, Paul, 427/23

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 427/23

GRIFFITHS, Billy, 427/23,

HAWKE, John, 427/23

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 427/23

HUGHES-D’AETH, Tony, 427/23

JOHNSON, Frances A., 427/23

KENT, Jacqueline, 427/23

KINSELLA, John, 427/23

LEY, James, 427/23

McCAUGHEY, Patrick, 427/23

McCOOEY, David, 427/23

MEAD, Philip, 427/23

NELSON, Alice, 427/23

NIALL, Brenda, 427/23

PENDER, Kieran, 427/23

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 427/23

REES, Yves, 427/23

ROSE, Peter, 427/23

SILCOX, Beejay, 427/23

SYNDHAM, Susan, 427/23

WALKER, Brenda, 427/23

WALKER, Sarah, 427/23

WALTER, James, 427/23

WILLIAMS, Kim, 427/23

Publisher Picks

CURNOW, Meredith, 418/58

HOLLIER, Nathan, 418/58

HUGHES, Martin, 418/58

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, 418/58

MILNE, Catherine, 418/58

RICHTER, Georgia, 418/58

SCOTT, Barry, 418/58

TUFFIELD, Aviva, 418/58

WATKINS, Robert, 418/58

WILLIAMS, Sophy, 418/58

Seismographs of the human heart 

ALLINGTON, Patrick, 421/24

ALTMAN, Dennis, 421/24

BEVERIDGE, Judith, 421/24

de KRETSER, Michelle, 421/24

FLANNERY, Tim, 421/24

FLYNN, Chris, 421/24

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, 421/24

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 421/24

MAHOOD, Kim, 421/24

NELSON, Alice, 421/24

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 421/24

ROSE, Peter, 421/24

TRANTER, Kirsten, 421/24

WALLACE-CRABBE, Chris, 421/24