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Varun Ghosh reviews Tired of Winning: A chronicle of American decline by Richard Cooke

Varun Ghosh
23 May 2019

Tired of Winning: A chronicle of American decline by journalist and essayist Richard Cooke begins with the shock of Donald Trump’s election on 8 November 2016. In New York’s L More

Stephen Dedman reviews Eight Lives by Susan Hurley

Stephen Dedman
23 May 2019
Eight Lives is a meticulously crafted first novel by Susan Hurley, a 2017 Peter Carey Short Story Award nominee and a medical researcher with more than thirty years’ experience in More

Alan Atkinson reviews Bedlam at Botany Bay by James Dunk

Alan Atkinson
23 May 2019

James Dunk is not the first Australian historian to notice that mental breakdown was surprisingly common during the first two European generations in New South Wales. Malcolm Ellis linked More

'This is the way the world ends' by Beejay Silcox

Beejay Silcox
12 May 2019

When truth is stranger than fiction, fiction is a potent source of truth. In the first week of the Trump administration, sales of 1984 increased by 9,500 per cent, catapulting Geo More

Stephen Dedman reviews Driving Into the Sun by Marcella Polain

Stephen Dedman
22 April 2019

In Driving Into the Sun, Marcella Polain – winner of the Anne Elder Award, the Patricia Hackett Prize, and more – has done an excellent job of capturing the inner emotional la More

Naama Grey-Smith reviews Gravity Is The Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty

Naama Grey-Smith
22 April 2019

The first thing one notices about Jaclyn Moriarty’s Gravity Is the Thing is its narrative voice: distinctive, almost stylised. Exclamation marks, emphasised words in italics, a More

Alice Nelson reviews Room for a Stranger by Melanie Cheng

Alice Nelson
22 April 2019

What does it mean to live in a place but never to fully belong to it? How does our capacity for intimacy alter when we are in exile? How do we forge an identity among haphazard collisions More

Brenda Walker reviews A Lovely and Terrible Thing by Chris Womersley

Brenda Walker
21 April 2019

In Chris Womersley’s collection of short fiction, A Lovely and Terrible Thing, a man is caught in a fugue moment. Just after unexpectedly discharging a gun into the body of a st More

Naama Grey-Smith reviews A Universe of Sufficient Size by Miriam Sved

Naama Grey-Smith
25 March 2019

At the front of Miriam Sved’s A Universe of Sufficient Size is a black-and-white photograph of a statue. The cloaked figure holding a pen (‘like a literary grim reaper’, ref More

Susan Varga reviews The Happiness Glass by Carol Lefevre

Susan Varga
25 March 2019

Carol Lefevre is the author of two novels and a non-fiction book on Adelaide, all well received and awarded. Yet she is not as well known in her own country as she should be, having spent More

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