University of Sydney

Gillian Appleton reviews The Ripples Before the New Wave: Drama at the University Of Sydney 1957–1963 by Robyn Dalton and Laura Ginters

Gillian Appleton
21 April 2019

People who were university students at a particular time often like to regard those years as exceptional, a perspective which, embellished by nostalgia, memoirs, and media hype, can take o More

David McCooey reviews 'A Cool and Shaded Heart' and 'Ethical Investigations' by Noel Rowe

David McCooey
14 April 2011

Noel Rowe, poet and critic, was something of an enigma to me. It is hard to believe that he was still in his thirties (just) when I met him in 1990 at the University of Sydney, he a lectur More