Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson reviews 'Capital Designs: Australia House and visions of an imperial London' by Eileen Chanin

Jim Davidson
26 July 2019

In the 1970s, before Malcolm Fraser (ahead of his time) tightened security and made most of the place a no-go zone, Australia House – a regular embassy – also functioned as an informal More

Jim Davidson reviews 'Youth' by J.M. Coetzee

Jim Davidson
10 July 2019

In YouthMore

Jim Davidson reviews An Unconventional Wife: The life of Julia Sorell Arnold by Mary Hoban

Jim Davidson
22 April 2019

The name of Julia Sorell – the granddaughter of an early governor – never quite died in Tasmania. A faint memory survived of a high-spirited young woman who was the belle of Hobart, a woman who broke hearts and en More

Jim Davidson reviews 'The Empire’s New Clothes: The myth of the Commonwealth' by Philip Murphy

Jim Davidson
28 November 2018

When I went to live in London in 1970, the dissolution of the British Empire had yet to reach its final stages. (While Fiji became independent that year, Hong Kong would not be transferred More

Barry Humphries: The Man Behind the Mask ★★★1/2

Jim Davidson
25 May 2018

‘I invented a character called Barry Humphries,’ the program promised. Beyond his characters, he said, the real man had always lurked behind a mask in various interviews. ‘Tonight yo More

Brian Matthews reviews 'A Führer for a Father: The Domestic Face of Colonialism' by Jim Davidson

Brian Matthews
30 August 2017

When some years ago I read Jim Davidson’s outstanding biography, Lyrebird Rising (1994), I was initially concerned by what seemed to be his potentially distorting fascination with the scene-stealing Louise Hanson-Dyer. But I soon discovered I needn’t have worried. Jim Davidson is not the sort of biographer whose obsession with his subject overcomes prop ... More