Jill Jones

Jill Jones reviews 'Interval' by Judith Bishop

Jill Jones
27 March 2018

Judith Bishop’s Interval appears just over a decade since the publication of her first book, also using a one-word title, Event (Salt, 2007). This gap seems far too lon More

Jill Jones reviews 'The Man Who Took To His Bed' by Alex Skovron

Jill Jones
22 February 2018

This is a playful, intelligent, unsettling series of stories, fourteen of them, collected from publications going back a few decades from 1987 until 2012 as well as, presumably, unpublishe More

Toby Fitch reviews 'Brink' by Jill Jones and 'Passage' by Kate Middleton

Toby Fitch
22 December 2017

The poetic epigraphs that introduce all three sections in Brink, Jill Jones’s tenth full-length poetry collection, are collaged fragments from the poems proper. Moodily, they skirt the e More

2017 Books of the Year

Australian Book Review
26 November 2017

To celebrate the best books of 2017 Australian Book Review invited nearly forty contributors to nominate their favourite titles. Contributors include Michelle de Kretser, Susan Wy More

Jill Jones reviews 'The Metronome' by Jennifer Maiden

Jill Jones
27 April 2017

Jennifer Maiden’s latest book, The Metronome, is essentially part of a series that could be dated to the appearance of Friendly Fire in 2005 ...


'Alarms' by Jill Jones

Jill Jones
23 September 2016

Miracles are not like tempests.
Furlongs are not like hedgerows
though they come close ...


Jill Jones is Poet of the Month

Australian Book Review
24 May 2016

Jill Jones is Poet of the Month in the June-July issue of Australian Book Review.


States of Poetry 2016 SA Podcast | 'Memory Lapses and Clues, or Don't Forget to Remember' and 'Bent' by Jill Jones

16 May 2016

In this episode of Australian Book Review's States of Poetry podcast, Jill Jones reads two poems, 'Memory Lapses and Clues, or Don't Forget to Remember' and 'Bent', which both fea More

Jill Jones reviews 'Everywhere I Look' by Helen Garner

Jill Jones
22 April 2016

You could regard this latest book by Helen Garner as simply a collection of various essays, a miscellany if you wish, but to do so would be to give it less than its due. There is nothing casual or accidental about Everywhere I Look. Its coherence may, of course, have much to do with Garner's voice, which is consistent and compelling, as is her actual writin ... More

Peter Kenneally reviews 'The Fox Petition' by Jennifer Maiden, 'Breaking the Days' by Jill Jones and 'Exhumed' by Cassandra Atherton

Peter Kenneally
30 March 2016

From the cover of Jennifer Maiden's latest book (The Fox Petition, Giramondo, $24 pb, 96 pp, 9781922146946), a wood-cut fox stares the reader down. This foreign, seditious animal is the perfect emblem for Maiden's examination of the xenophobia, conformity, and general moral diminution that she sees around her. Giramondo have given Maiden the liberty of an a ... More

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