Emma Lew

Emma Lew is Poet of the Month

Australian Book Review
22 April 2019

What circumstances are ideal for writing poetry?

A bit of space and peace are good for writing poetry. I like to feel warm, so a small electric heater should be blowing on my ankles.


Judith Bishop reviews Crow College: New and selected poems by Emma Lew

Judith Bishop
15 April 2019

Original voices are always slippery to describe. The familiar weighing mechanism More

'Steady Fetters', a new poem by Emma Lew

Emma Lew
27 September 2013

Drive one nail out with another,that’s our only hope.
We can’t live any more like birds on a branch,
because the murderous past never stops,
not even at nigh More

'Fragile Pranks', a new poem by Emma Lew

Emma Lew
29 January 2013

I left anyway, in spirit
dreamed I was living my own life
my mind was on exits, I tried to buy the truth
some nights until I ran out of dark