May 2021, no. 431

May 2021, no. 431

Welcome to the May issue! Our cover story is devoted to the stubborn persistence of poverty and social inequality in Australia. Glyn Davis (CEO of the Paul Ramsay Foundation) draws on the writings and example of Hugh Stretton to ask why poverty continues to be handed down from parent to child. Historian Lisa Ford reviews Bain Attwood’s major new book on sovereignty, property, and native title. Stuart Macintyre’s examines the prolific Sheila Fitzpatrick’s study of postwar migration to Australia. James Ley is underwhelmed by Harold Bloom’s posthumous book – ‘a bloated mess’. We review novels by Haruki Murakami, Jamie Marina Lau, Pip Adam, and Emily Maguire. Francesca Sasnaitis is also impressed by the new memoir by Krissy Kneen, who is also our Open Page guest.


Full Contents

Short Stories

First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami


Gunk Baby by Jamie Marina Lau


Nothing to See by Pip Adam


Love Objects by Emily Maguire

Literary Studies

Reading Like an Australian Writer edited by Belinda Castles

Essay Collection

Randolph Stow: Critical essays edited by Kate Leah Rendell


To Kidnap a Pope: Napoleon and Pius VII by Ambrogio A. Caiani


The Napoleonic Wars: A global history by Alexander Mikaberidze


Car Crash by Lech Blaine


Mike Nichols: A life by Mark Harris


Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural born rebel by Rachel Holmes


Vera Deakin and the Red Cross by Carole Woods


Prose Poetry: An introduction by Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton


Letters to the Editor

by John Carmody, Adele Dumont