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Peter Rose reviews On David Malouf by Nam Le

Peter Rose
30 April 2019

For more than a decade the world has waited, patiently or disbelievingly, for a second book from Nam Le, author of The Boat (2008), a collection of seven tales that won the young More

Johanna Leggatt reviews City of Trees: Essays on life, death and the need for a forest by Sophie Cunningham

Johanna Leggatt
29 April 2019

When Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird wrote The Secret Life of Plants (1975), many critics labelled their attempt to prove a spiritual link between people and plants as mystica More

Open Page with Judith Brett

Australian Book Review
22 April 2019

Camping at Thurra River in the Croajingalong National Park, swimming in its tannin estuary, cooking fresh fish, gossiping while walking its long white beaches, More

Neil Murray reviews Night Parrot: Australia’s most elusive bird by Penny Olsen

Neil Murray
22 April 2019

Night Parrot by Penny Olsen is more than a biography of a bird that spent most of the twentieth century successfully hiding from people. It is a historical biography of human dete More

Emma Lew is Poet of the Month

Australian Book Review
22 April 2019

A bit of space and peace are good for writing poetry. I like to feel warm, so a small electric heater should be blowing on my ankles.


Deb Anderson reviews The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells

Deb Anderson
22 April 2019

Be afraid. ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’, the viral article published in New York magazine (2017) that was both fêted and scorned for its visceral bluntness, has grown out and up More

Tom Bamforth reviews Breaking Point: The future of Australian cities by Peter Seamer

Tom Bamforth
22 April 2019

In Breaking Point: The future of Australian cities, Peter Seamer quotes satirist H.L. Mencken: ‘There is always an easy solution to every human problem – neat, plausible, and More

David Neil reviews The Birth of Ethics by Philip Pettit, edited by Kinch Hoekstra with Michael Tomasello

David Neil
22 April 2019

The Birth of Ethics is a remarkably ambitious and innovative work by one of Australia’s most eminent philosophers. It is the full-length statement of an argument originally set More

Gideon Haigh reviews On Cricket by Mike Brearley

Gideon Haigh
22 April 2019

The first words I ever read by Mike Brearley were in my first Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, the 1976 edition: they were a tribute to his long-time teammate at Middlesex, wic More

Peter McPhee reviews Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely by Andrew S. Curran

Peter McPhee
22 April 2019

Andrew S. Curran recounts the only meeting between the two great philosophes Denis Diderot and Voltaire early in 1778 when Diderot, aged sixty-five, insulted Voltaire, then eighty More

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