Jay Daniel Thompson

Jay Daniel Thompson lectures in the Media and Communications program at the University of Melbourne.

Jay Daniel Thompson reviews ' The Blood Countess' by Tara Moss

February 2011, no. 328 04 May 2011
The Blood Countess is the latest novel by author and media identity Tara Moss. The book promises to be the first in a series about Pandora English, a fashion journalist who socialises with the undead. The novel begins with the recently orphaned Pandora’s arrival at the New York apartment owned by her great-aunt Celia. The latter looks much younger than her eighty-plus years, never appears in th ... (read more)

Jay Daniel Thompson reviews 'Prime Cut' by Alan Carter

April 2011, no. 330 24 March 2011
Prime Cut sounds like the title of a glossy Hollywood thriller. Fortunately, Alan Carter’s début novel is a gritty and engrossing look at crime and racism in a small Western Australian town. Cato Kwong is a Chinese-Australian detective who has been working in the lowly ‘Stock Squad’ since a disastrous arrest some years before. In the novel’s opening pages, Kwong is called to help investig ... (read more)
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