Favel Parrett

Anna MacDonald reviews 'There Was Still Love' by Favel Parrett

Anna MacDonald
Thursday, 26 September 2019

Favel Parrett’s tender new novel, There Was Still Love, explores what it means to make a home and how a person might be free in a world ruptured by political as well as personal upheavals. Moving backwards and forwards in time (from 1981 to 1938) across vast distances – from Prague to Melbourne, via London – between first- and third-person narrators, past and present tense, Parrett beautifully captures one family’s complicated twentieth-century inheritance.

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Sarah Holland-Batt reviews 'When the Night Comes' by Favel Parrett

Sarah Holland-Batt
Monday, 25 August 2014

Sarah Holland-Batt reviews Favel Parrett's new novel and the literal and metaphorical meanings of the rough seas her characters' navigate.

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The beauty and danger of the ocean and its unpredictable nature have long been fertile subjects for artists and writers, and the sea a popular and potent metaphor. In Favel Parrett’s trim, lyrical début novel Past the Shallows, shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award,the sea is once again symbolic. In fact, nearly everything in this novel feels symbolic, s ...