Tali Lavi

My Dearworthy Darling (Malthouse Theatre and THE RABBLE)

Tali Lavi
09 August 2019

In the beginning there is the sound of deep breathing and heartbeat. Woman, the electric Jennifer Vuletic, lies writhing on a rock, More

Tali Lavi reviews Imperfect: How our bodies shape the people we become by Lee Kofman

Tali Lavi
25 February 2019

A marble statue of a crouching Venus disfigured by age and circumstance appears on the cover of Lee Kofman’s Imperfect. The goddess of love and beauty is a ruin, although one ca More

Tali Lavi reviews 'Insomnia' by Marina Benjamin

Tali Lavi
18 December 2018

The morning I begin to read Insomnia, a darkly thrilling beauty of a book, the sky turns a duckblue albumen. Domestic hush and personal restlessness coexist. This tension of duali More

Tali Lavi reviews 'A Second Chance: The making of Yiddish Melbourne' by Margaret Taft and Andrew Markus

Tali Lavi
26 October 2018

In my childhood home, Yiddish prompted a frisson of the suppressed. This was a direct consequence of adults speaking it whenever they did not want us children to understand. Yiddish was th More

Tali Lavi reviews 'The Storyteller: Selected stories' by Serge Liberman

Tali Lavi
31 August 2018

When I look at certain images of German-born photographer Roman Vishniac, the accompanying pain is acute, for his mesmerising monochromatic portraits of Eastern European Jews before their More

The Antipodes (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre) ★★★1/2

Tali Lavi
16 July 2018

Strange and terrible events unfold around us. Conflicts erupt; catastrophes occur; a billionaire reality television performer reminiscent of a snake oil merchant is elected president of th More

Foxtrot ★★★★★

Tali Lavi
21 June 2018

A doorbell rings. Along with the Feldman family, we are catapulted into Samuel Maoz’s mesmerising drama, one worthy of its Greek tragedian and European absurdist antecedents. Deeply shoc More

Tali Lavi reviews 'The Tattooist Of Auschwitz' by Heather Morris

Tali Lavi
22 February 2018

Early on in this book, the fictional Lale Sokolov, based on the real man of that name who survived Auschwitz and its horrors to eventually live in suburban Melbourne, has his arm tattooed. More

Hir (Red Stitch Actors' Theatre) ★★★★

Tali Lavi
06 February 2018

A soldier comes home from war only to find that home is not what it once was. This premise, fertile with dramatic possibilities, has inspired storytellers from Homer and Sophocles to conte More

Tali Lavi reviews 'Stop Fixing Women: Why building fairer workplaces is everybody’s business' by Catherine Fox

Tali Lavi
30 August 2017

In A Room of One’s Own (1929), Virginia Woolf instructs women to ‘write calmly’ and ‘not in a rage’. Commentator Catherine Fox writes ‘calmly’ about contemporary realities with great potential to spark rage.

Stop Fixing Women operates partly as a rejoinder to Sheryl Sandberg’s popular manifesto Lean In (2013), which addressed ‘internal obstac ... More

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