Lauren Carroll Harris

The Second ★★

Lauren Carroll Harris
15 June 2018

For its first Original film, Stan could have opted for a cleanly prescribed, commercial genre piece, as per its Wolf Creek series – clearly pitched at millennials. But the trailer that emerged in late 2017 for The Second promised something unusual: a psychological thriller defined by a love triangle between a novelist, her publisher, and an enigm ... More

2018 Australian Book Review Film Survey

25 May 2018

We invited some writers, film critics, and film professionals to nominate their favourite film – not The Greatest Film Ever Sold, but one that matters to them personally.


Wonder Wheel 1/2 star

Lauren Carroll Harris
05 December 2017

Two-thirds of the way through Woody Allen’s new-but-not-really-new film Wonder Wheel, Kate Winslet’s nerve-shot, middle-aged tragic heroine, Ginny, turns to her younger lover, Mickey ( More

Three Summers ★1/2

Lauren Carroll Harris
30 October 2017

Imagine, if you can, an elderly white man, Michael Caton, stretching his arms wide and performing an Indigenous dance as part of a traditional welcome at a summer, country-town folk festiv More