Chris Womersley

Chris Womersley reviews 'Truth' by Peter Temple

Chris Womersley
10 July 2019

In Peter Temple’s phenomenally successful The Broken ShoreMore

Open Page with Chris Womersley

Australian Book Review
23 May 2019

Name an early literary idol or influence whom you no longer admire – or vice versa.

Cleaning out my flat recently I offloaded quite a few books that – after carrying them around for twenty More

Brenda Walker reviews A Lovely and Terrible Thing by Chris Womersley

Brenda Walker
21 April 2019

In Chris Womersley’s collection of short fiction, A Lovely and Terrible Thing, a man is caught in a fugue moment. Just after unexpectedly discharging a gun into the body of a st More

2017 Publisher Picks

Madonna Duffy et al
21 December 2017

To complement our 2017 ‘Books of the Year’, we invited several senior publishers to nominate their favourite books – all published by other companies.


David Whish-Wilson reviews 'City of Crows' by Chris Womersley

David Whish-Wilson
28 September 2017

Every Chris Womersley novel represents a significant departure from the last. Following his award-winning and magnificently dark début, The Low Road (2007), and his Miles Frankli More

Jenni Kauppi reviews 'The Sleepers Almanac X' edited by Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn

Jenni Kauppi
27 November 2015

In more than ten years on the scene, Sleepers has positioned itself as both champion of the small press sector – the natural home of the short story – and a canny player in the broader publishing landscape; its Almanac has been a reliable litmus test for the direction of new Australian writing.

In this instalment, several absurdist and satirical works are stacked into the c ... More