Alex Tighe

Alex Tighe reviews Stop Being Reasonable by Eleanor Gordon-Smith

Alex Tighe
23 May 2019

If you’ve somehow avoided listening to podcasts, you will have missed out on the recent explosion of long-form audio storytelling – and I mean it, you’ve really missed out. More

Alex Tighe reviews Delayed Response: The art of waiting from the ancient to the instant world by Jason Farman

Alex Tighe
15 March 2019

‘A book about waiting’ was perhaps a hard sell for Jason Farman to make to his publisher. Waiting, so the consensus goes, sucks. It is the elephant graveyard of time, the dead zon More

Alex Tighe reviews 'Net Loss: The inner life in the digital age (Quarterly Essay 72)' by Sebastian Smee

Alex Tighe
10 December 2018

You probably own a smartphone. Chances are it’s in your pocket right now, or at least within arm’s reach – don’t pick it up. Fight the habit. Besides, you’ve probably ch More

Alex Tighe reviews 'Tinkering: Australians reinvent DIY culture' by Katherine Wilson

Alex Tighe
27 December 2017

What is tinkering? As Katherine Wilson makes clear in Tinkering: Australians reinvent DIY culture, there is an easy answer to that question – but also several complex ones. At t More