'Spring Idylls' by Gig Ryan


‘My new persona helped me to make money,’ says the streamer,
but cruel and petty, unhoped for ideal like a hovercraft shimmers
behind a definition of a chair.
You tarnish the boulevards
with your shrapnel castanets and chucked heels
dancing under the exsanguinated sun, but insufficient,
burnt coat of meaning wages a lost covenant.

You hang out till the last minute then take what’s left.
At home’s the torquemada you thought mistakenly.
The Equality Issue opines to the crepe myrtle.
‘I need superficial to relax’
says the airborne Treasure, drinking up a storm,
as she modded the program again until no frond pecks.
On TV chiselled-by-Praxiteles turns his novel arms.
He was an ornament to the game a muse on the field.
He passed away surrounded by his fame.

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Gig Ryan

Gig Ryan

Gig Ryan has published six books of poetry and her New and Selected Poems was published in 2011 (Giramondo, Australia; and Bloodaxe, United Kingdom). She has reviewed Australian poetry over many years particularly in The Age and ABR, and has written extended articles on Les Murray, Judith Wright, and Indonesian novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer. She has also written songs with her occasional band Driving Past, and has been Poetry Editor of The Age since 1998. (Photograph by Mia Schoen)


Published in April 2018, no. 400