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Australian Book Review
23 February 2016

Paul HetheringtonPaul Hetherington recently returned from a six-month residency at the Australia Council’s B.R. Whiting Studio in Rome. He ... More

Paul Hetherington reviews 'Towards the Equator' by Alex Skovron

Paul Hetherington
29 May 2015

Alex Skovron’s impressive volume of new and selected poems, Towards the Equator, drawn from all of his published work to date, shows him to be a writer of recurrent and abiding preoccupations. He cares passionately and sometimes rather fastidiously about culture (particularly European culture), and continually worries about words, books, and their import. H ... More

Paul Hetherington on the exhibition 'Australia'

Paul Hetherington
31 October 2013

Ninety years after ‘An Exhibition of Australian Art’ was held at Burlington House, London, home of the Royal Academy of Arts, the exhibition Australia opened on 21 September 2013. Touted as the biggest exhibition of Australian art to be staged in the United Kingdom, it is an ambitious undertaking – nothing less than a survey exhibition encapsulati ... More

Paul Hetherington reviews 'Another Fine Morning in Paradise' by Michael Sharkey

Paul Hetherington
09 July 2012

The variety of Australian poetry is attested to by books such as Another Fine Morning in Paradise. Neither entirely fish nor fowl, it is by turns satirical, watchful, effusive, an More

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